What should I do for Labor Day?

  1. 4-corners is a chance to see Nickel Creek one last time, not to mention Darrell Scott, etc…
    It’s also a chance for me to set up a tent and actually festivate…without responsiblility. (as if I don’t get enough festival, already :lol )
    The Jerry Douglas Band
    Nickel Creek
    the subdudes
    The Infamous Stringdusters
    The Darrell Scott Band
    Casey Driessen & the Colorfools
    The Wilders
    Cadillac Sky
    Sweet Sunny South
    Anne & Pete Sibley
    Hot Strings
    Boulder Acoustic Society

  2. YMSB is a fun band…the Fox only holds 625 people…and they will be excited to play their hometown small venue once again. The same is true for Red Rocks as this is their first year to headline the world class venue on their own…the first time they played there (opening for Willie Nelson) was one of the best sets I’ve seen them do…if for no other reason than their enthusiasm.

Help me decide. :flower

Wow, you have it real bad Dustin. :wink: I am weeping for you. :lol

My vote is for the festival!!! Yonder will always play The Fox and Red Rocks again (knock on wood).

Hey, Cut me a break! It’s vacation time. :lol


Hillary and I were set on going to 4 Corners, then we found out about Warren Haynes solo acoustic at the Mishawaka. That’s where we will be.

I had a hard time choosing between 4 Corners and Yonder, but decided on 4 Corners. It is such a sweet little festival! :thumbsup The lineup is alwys good, but this year looks really good. Not only will it be one last time to see Nickel Creek, it will also be the debut of the Stringdusters new guitarist Andy Falco. I just can’t get enough of the Dusters these days. Hope to see some of you guys down there!


Southwest Camp Run-A-Muck… 4 Corners.

Last chance to see Nickel Creek… 4 Corners.

J.D.B. AND I.S. … 4 Corners.

Holiday Weekend, in Colorado… 4 Corners.

Where’s the choice man???

I for one will be at Rollinsgrass on Friday, and possibly Saturday, then Yonder Red Rocks for Sunday! You’re also getting Todd Snider and Rodrigo y Gabriela during the RR show, so that sweetens the deal.

Four Corners looks like fun though! I’d love to check that out in the future…


I forgot about Todd Snider…which is funny, since he was one of the main reasons I was debating. :lol

I looooooove me some Todd Snider.

It looks like 4-corners is working on a landslide victory, thus far. :8

I like to go to Four Corners, but it requires to take off of work to see the Friday music.And Telluride & Rockygrass chewed up my vacation.

Lucky for me Red Rocks is 30 minutes away though! And how I love Yonder.

Only four votes so far? :huh
I would think three days of festivating would win over a night or two. :cheers
Let us know your decision. :flower

Of course there is also the Aspen-Snowmass Jazz Festival that weekend- here is the lineup:

Friday, August 31st
doors open at 5pm
JAS Music Club - Peter Karp
JAS Village Stage - Nothing More
Saturday, September 1st
doors open at 2pm
hosted by Bill & Carolyn Powers
hosted by Richard & Nancy Rogers
JAS Music Club - Ryan Shaw
JAS Village Stage - Shake, Go Home

Sunday, September 2nd
doors open at 2pm
JAS Village Stage - Great American Taxi

Monday, September 3rd
doors open at noon
GOV’T MULE 4:30pm
Soul Stew Revival 2:30pm

Pretty great line-up. Go there so that there won’t be so many folks at 4 Corners! {smile} We don’t want 4 Corners to get crowded, such a great little festival and the line-up is one of the best this year!.. gotta love the Hot Springs at the bottom of the hill also, luxury festivating at it’s best!

Dude, the answer to ANY question in life will forever and always be…

FESTIVAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!! :hop :hop :hop :hop :hop :hop :hop :hop :hop :hop :hop :hop :hop :hop :hop :hop :hop :hop :hop :hop :hop :hop :hop :hop :hop :hop :hop :hop :hop :hop :hop :hop :hop :hop :hop :hop :hop :hop :hop :hop :hop :hop

If I were you I’d just stay home and watch CSPAN. But, if you were to venture out then I’d suggest you meet up with the rest of us fun festivarian types at 4-Corners because #1) Jerry Douglas is my real father, #2) You will be able to see Daniela and Semi-Charmed Anne in matching pink outfits and/or fuzzy cowgirl hats, and #3) There will be hooch ingestion involved which can lead to some very entertaining results.

:wave Hi Dustin! You know…Aj and I had that same type of dilema while at Rockygrass…Leftover Salmon and Moe were playing at Red Rocks on Saturday night and we had an invite through Moe. Our decision was to miss Sam on Saturday (heard it was a great set but we had just seen him at TBF) Aj and I had never been to Red Rocks before and the lovely and most wonderful Theresa had given us use of her vehicle so that we could go. We took Bobby & Gretchen with us and got to see Drew playing Bobby’s mando on the BIG screen! It was magical!

Maybe the double feature could work for you!!!


OR…you could come to Vegas for the glass show! I know somebody that could get you in! :wink:

The Plot thickens! :lol

Yonder would be awesome but here we are again with 2 great choices, well 3 really.
We live in a great state for music!

I think I’ve got my tickets and plans lined up…

Rollinsgrass in Rollinsville on Friday night, Yarmony Grass up in Bond on Saturday night, Yonder on Sunday back on the Rocks! There will be driving, oh, yes…there will be driving, but I’m going to be soaked in bluegrass come Monday morning!


it looks like I will be sticking around the front range. :frowning:

Four Corners just isn’t in the $$ cards for Anna and myself. :rolleyes

Everyone have fun, and tell Nickel Creek goodbye for me.

I’m surprised nobody has mentioned the Wilco show’s on Sat. and Sun at the Fillmore. I don’t have a ticket yet but have a line on a couple for Sat. nite. I’d like to go to 4 corners but just getting moved into a new house and don’t have the time. Wilco should hold me over till Hardly Strictly! :cheers

It was on the radar…but YMSB edges out Wilco in my book.