what is your favorite thing to do at the festival?

wat is ur fave thing to do and or eat at the festival?

aly :hop

Listen to the music of course. :lol
And drink beer. :cheers
Favorite vendor food - Sisters Dumplings. :flower


Favorite thing to do is probably dancing to Leftover Salmon trying not to spill my beer.

Favorite thing to eat would be CORN DOGS!!!

Absolutly,NOTHING. Just listen, close my eyes, being completely present, in the moment, and being left alone with no chatter in my ear…
complete concentration on just the music.
This is bliss… :angel

And my fav thing to eat is Greek Salad, yum :medal

relax and love life, love music, love my wife and all the other wonderful people around me.

What she said…

Run the tarp!!! And listen to the best music in the world.

Play with some great musicians at night, and swing in a hammock listening to the music in the distance during the day

Watch and listen to Adam playing his banjo. :slight_smile: He just keeps gettin’ better and better!

Auntie Hope :pickin :green

I just love the festival in general, my favorite thing would be just listening to music and looking at the canton. I absolutely loved the festivarian community and the sense of family shared. And as for my favorite place to eat, it may not be in the festival grounds but brown dog pizza is god of hot wings.

Smile, dance, smile and dance, drink and smile, drink and dance, drink and dance and smile, listen to the musicians tell their corny stories, look at all the smiling faces on the dancers, see the smiling faces on the musicians, hug TTom, listen to TTom sing. Go to every camp at least one or two times a night to listen to the music, some of the finest to behold. Watch the little kids dance and smile at each other; they are soooooooooo cute with their little outfits and sunglasses.
Watch the sun set in the evening and the stars begin to shine like diamonds in the sky. Sit by the waterfall.
Eat: anything (and everything) that Hippie or Karlos or Rick or myself or Christie cooks.

Just be with our Family !
Gawd how much more could we Do !
laugh drink cook FESTIVATE !

reconnect with old friends
make new friends
Enjoy some of the best music in a beautiful place
Meet some of my favorite musicians
Play music

I used to be all about the corn dogs, but the Killer Flank Steak took my heart last year.

I like to wear a tie dye bathrobe, eat bacon, and pass out hooch to unsuspecting strangers.

What about the suspecting ones?

the suspecting ones? he just says ‘open up’ and pours it down our throats.

If you suspect it then obviously you are not a stranger.

Oh, I always expect it (or should I say suspect it)! :cheers

All time favorite is just being there. Second is sitting on the tarps looking at the trees on the hill behind the stage while listening to live music, especially when there is a slight breeze. Keeps me going all year round.

C :cheers