What is allowed inside?

:wave :wave :huh :huh What is allowed inside? What is restricted? Are they lax like at TBF?? What about plastic bottles - nalgene’s allowed. I know that usually around Denver, they are much more strict than at Telluride. Is this loke Telluride or a Denver deal?? :cheers :cheers :cheers

What can I bring into the festival?
ALCOHOL, GLASS and VIDEO CAMERAS are not allowed on the Festival grounds. You’re welcome to bring in food and soft drinks in appropriate containers. We serve beer at the Festival, (don’t forget your ID!) and we have a wide assortment of vendors with reasonably priced YUMMY FOOD, cool crafts, clothes and other great stuff.

Also, low chairs (if you can roll a basketball under the seat, it’s too tall).

As my poor memories serves, it’s about like Telluride.