What festival passes are needed for Farm Campground?

I’m not sure if anyone else might be a little confused about the requirements listed to access the Farm Campground. It says:


My In-laws are planning to join my wife and I and our 2-year old (His first camping festival ever!) for Rockygrass this year and have vehicle/camping/RV passes for The Farm, but they only purchased a single day festival pass for Sunday. In the stated requirement does it mean that you need either a three day pass or a single day pass for EACH day of the festival? Or will they be fine to get in and out of the campground for the whole weekend with only their Sunday pass?


Hi there,

The requirements for the Farm Campground are that you either need a 3-Day festival pass or we allow that individuals camping in the Farm Campground can have a single-day pass for 1, 2 or all 3 of the days of the festival.

A camping pass for any of our festival grounds is a camping pass per person and allows access to the campground for the entire duration of the festival (all 3 days for Farm Camping). The days that an individual doesn’t have a pass for the festival, they are more than welcome to enjoy themselves on the Farm Campground, adventure into the town of Lyons, or take adventures elsewhere. Festivarians can camp for the entire weekend without packing up until Monday at noon. Festivarians are only allowed into the festival if they have a pass for the day of attendance.

– Camping is not allowed for any individual that does not have at least a single-day pass into the festival, as we do not offer our camping passes to individuals that are not planning to attend the festival at all. Gates will be checking for this.

I hope this answers your question and we look forward to festivating with you and your little one for his first camping festival ever!

We have kid’s wristbands at both of our Box Office locations and we’ll happily replace any wristband that any kiddo doesn’t want to keep on for sleep-time. We have sharpies available so that we (or parents) can write their name/number on the wristband for their child for safety & peace of mind.

Have a great evening,

  • BluegrassNat

Thanks so much for this super helpful reply! This weekend can’t come soon enough!!!