What does ISO mean.

In the ticket exchange forum, folks post ISO a 3-day Rocky Grass.

Is there a file of common short-hand tags like this?


ISO = “In Search Of”


IMO = “In My Opinion”
IMHO = “IN MY Honest Opinion”
Q4T = “Quoted 4 Truth”
SSIA = “Subject Says It All”

I learned something today! I always thought IMHO was “in my humble opinion”, honest I did!

BYOB = Bring Your Own Bacon (hint for Rockygrass)

Thats what that means! I always thought it stood for
Bring your Own Bass Player. :lol

For years my brother called the empty lot next to our house the “bacon lot”. Later we figured out he misheard my dad calling it the “vacant lot”, and now my whole family refers to any empty lot as a “bacon lot”- Hey, we don’t have TV, we need some way to entertain ourselves.

Can’t forget about the all important SUR = Shut up Ron!! :cheers


so that is what meant by IMHAO and IMO.

BYOB is for Bacon, I always thought it was Bong, but thats just me. Everyone at the party always thought it was a good byob…

following the topic