What do you want/ what don't we need?

on this new forum? :8

Are there too many boards? Are there possible boards that we didn’t think of that you think you would use/need?

This is a work in progress, and we want it to work to suit all of your needs, so let us know!


Does the Poll feature notify all mebers automatically? It should.

is there a spell check option ?

I’m sure Dustin would like to have one, if you saw my first post in the “Welcome to the Festivarian” topic. :lol

I just happened to notice…
In the “General Category” section… you forgot “Mabon”!

I just hooked you up Tom, your rating’s back up :cheers

Thanks Rick!
You rock…:rock

:medal :bag

Edit: just saw your FAQ thread, Tom. :clap

…and the applaud/smite things are really just for fun…they’re like skiball tickets…they are fun to get, but they really don’t get you anything that’s any more rewarding than the time spent getting them. :woohoo

It seems that Festivarian.com does not show up in my browser history. HMMMM. Is it just a firefox/Mac thing?

Oh!.. and Tom I applauded you this morning and your rating is back up. I must have been channeling evil James last night, either that or it was a long day at the office.

What type of system/ browser/etc… did it not show up for?

EXACTLY the kind of trouble shooting that we need you guys for. :medal

The history issue has dissapeared… must have been a wierd glitch on my end

Mac G3 Ibook system 10.3.9 on dial up at home and wireless @ work


Well folks… I’ve tried to break this thing and I just can’t do it. It seems stable and easy to operate.

Change is always hard for anyone and the complexity of this bbs will be a bit intimidating for the newbie at first. The learning curve is very shallow though and most will be able to catch on in minutes. It could prove to be a huge amount of fun.

A few suggestions/observations from my end…

The biggest and most important for me is for you to consider those of us on dial up connections and avoid using huge files for graphics and the like, I use photoshop aggressively to compact photo files to the smallest screen resolution possible for website viewing. It is always very frustrating for me to have to wait for graphics to load for many minutes for just some basic information.

Please make doubly sure that purchases drop into a secure socket layer BEFORE any personal information is shared online, let the users know when that happens and everyone will be very happy.

The number of topics might be confusing to many at first and we will have to endure many months (probably forever) of misplaced/off topic posts. This has always been an issue with any online community that I’ve been a part of. Is there a function in this system to move posts to an appropriate topic section? Is that the kind of administration that anyone to deal with? It could prove to be a huge pain in the ass.

If this cuts down on the spam thing I will be grateful beyond words.

Thank You everyone for taking the time to advance our sense of community.

and now we resume our regularly scheduled program…

Hippie -

I’m going to do my best to keep everything where it should be. (we do have the ability to move, etc…though too much of it may prove too much of a nightmare, we’ll see)

…I’m going to put a poll on here to see if you guys think we are ready to invite some more people…


Karlos just asked me if there was an way to post pictures. Could there be a photo album feature intergrated into the forum.

It may end up being an added feature similar to the yahoo group file and photo section, but for now you have to include the picture in your message. You’ll see my response in a new FAQ subject.

When I first stopped in to look at this I had strep and no energy to deal with anything… but there were definitely too many boards then… like one for every instrument and all that. Are they still here? But, then I don’t know the vision for this.

where are the directions for uploading an avatar? I will do that when I notice how. I haven’t looked around much yet.

I think the avatars are a little too big, btw. They would still be recognizable if they were smaller and these posts just look they use a lot of bandwidth. I am on high speed. I know for a fact that all list members are not.

But… yeah… this looks like a lot of other boards that i have seen. I guess it will work. If it means I am gonna end up making MORE festivarian buttons than usual, I might as well shoot myself now because I am broke!

If you go to your profile, and select “Forum Profile Information” you’ll be able to either select an avatar or a personal picture. You can upload a picture you have on your computer or use a picture that’s hosted on another site like imageshack.com or photobucket.com.

I’ll add this question to the FAQ as well…

The instrument boards are still there. Hopefully people will use them for instrument talk. Which will leave less people in the general disscussion/ Telluride boards for you to make buttons for. :wink:

I also shrank the avatars a wee bit…just for you. :flower

Your question of there being too many boards is a good one. I am on a bunch of these types of forums and in my opinion the best rule is keep it as simple as possible. But thanks for doing this, it looks and works great.

One problem I see or cannot figure out is when we post rather than staying in the particular forum in which you are posting it defaults back to the general menu of forums. It would be better if it stayed in the one in which you post so people who are logged in can easily send messages without having go out and back in.