What Do You Look Like?

Okay everybody, the festival is rapidly approaching and I’m sure everyone is going crazy planning, packing, buying supplies, and building up their alcohol tolerances. And I’m betting everyone on the forum is excited to finally meet everyone else on the forum in person. But I’ve noticed quite a few people have non-face icons for their profiles so we really have no idea what some folks look like. How about we all post photos of ourselves so that we will be able to recognize each other in a real-live-non-text format? Putting your real name on the post may help too for some unless you want to be called by your forum handle the entire festival.


wait… this is the guy who wants the name “Hooch” on his button! ??? :slight_smile: :wink:

That’s my head on my avatar, btw.

Yes, I don’t want all the drunks trying to mis-pronounce my given name. My life has been rife with close-but-not-quite similar namesakes like: Brent, Brad, Fred, Brunt, Brat, and Elizabeth.

They could still mis-pronounce it “Hutch”. :lol


and then after that you will be forever known as “Starsky” by some random happy drunks!

I’m going to have to shoot CSI Mike for giving me this nickname!!! It’s now obvious that it was a cruel plot against me.

Drunks at Telluride? Surely you jest.



<----- oops pissed off a scalper. Now the drunks can smite me! I LOVE this! Laughter is so good for keeping the blood pressure down. My dog is wondering what i am doing though.


<------ still jumping, still joyful!

LuAnna :hop

Hey who did that? Thanks! I will buy you a button! :lol

LuAnna :hop Banana
and my last name has taken a few jabs, too, Hooch!

Why thanks, LuAnna!

We don’t need no stinkin scalpers… I bumped you a couple back too. :flower

ok I’ll cofess, my names not it’s Rick… it’s Rick
:huh :huh :huh :cheers

This is really the only perspective you’ll need to recognize me from come festival time, i’m sure . . . .


<-------- Me!!!

Love the hat, Rhonny! :flower

Hope Lin :pickin

Some of the avatars are too small to make out what you look like! I want to be able to bounce into Town Park and yell, “Hey, there’s Karlos, there’s Jerry, there’s Tom, there’s Rhonny, there’s Courtney, there’s LuAnna, there’s Michael, there’s Paul, there’s EJ, there’s Mitch, there’s Ron, there’s Hope Lin, there’s Billy, there’s Sarah, there’s Deb, there’s Rick, there’s everybody!” Then I can run up to you and hug you and act like a crazy person. How cool is it to have forty-seven hundred new friends that you’ve never even met yet? :giggle :giggle :giggle :giggle :giggle :giggle :giggle :giggle :giggle

heres the one i posted yesterday in packing for telluide which is being finished up this afternoon

You don’t look like your packing for anything in that photo. But it does appear that you’ve stolen one of my favorite tank tops!!!

newbie getting ready for his debut