What do you all think about new class offerings?

I am very excited to have gotten in songwriting. It is another option that will keep the demand for the academy even higher. Although it might take several years for people to be able to take full advantage of it. Just like it has been on my list forever to build a mandolin. It just has not been my top priority. It may be a year or two before I can afford or prioritize to take voice, but it’s on my list. I am glad you seperated voice and songwriting by the way. I think it was a good move.

having trouble waiting, :cheers

It’s my favorite! I have had a whistle for 6 yrs now…but really only started seriously playing everyday 2 yrs ago. I go to sessions every Sunday here. I’ve had several friends who play Celtic tell me “you’re going to the Dark side”…ha-ha…but I love music especially when it involves group playing and singing/dancing! It’s so rewarding and just plain 'ol fun! Thank you so much for the song list! I will download the music sheets & start more listening on youtube. Hopefully in the next month I will have a dozen or so under my belt! Please let me sit in w/ you all!!!

yes yes, please join us.

follow the fish and bubbles. :wink:

Yes! i will!!! :cheers

MAN…I have to sit in on this jam…I just love to here the whistle on celtic tunes.

MAN…I have to sit in on this jam…I just love to here the whistle on celtic tunes.
Oh yeahhhh…I’m so glad you like Celtic tunes, too! I’m playing a crazy 7 hr session tomorrow (because of Monday holiday)…and I can’t wait~
Oh…I am practicing fiddle right now & could NOT resist posting this…everyone check it out!!! So fun~

:thumbsup Wow I am looking at the classes offered and am just so excited.
So why do the Mandolin building classes start so late in the day? Will we be busy in the shop ??

Love it either way. I can write in the early morning… yum by the river, gee :flower

I have heard that if you are building a mandolin, It will take almost all of your time at the academy.
(If not all of your time) You are the only group that starts on Sunday. Mandolin building
was my second choice, and I sooooo want to take it. I can’t wait to hear your notes after you’ve
been through.

My son built a mando last year. he loved the class and want’s to build a octive mando
next time. This year he’s in a mando class to learn how to play it better…
Now, he has changed his magor in collage to music.

The octave mandolins are very cool. Is it recommended that you
build a regular one before you try to build an octave mando?

Hey Tom, I can teach ya how to sing too loud and off-key and the wrong words! It’s the Hooch-style of singing. Or I can howl at the moon with ya!
Is there a class for cowbell?

Not only recommended, but required I do believe.

Thanks Dustin,

that makes sense.

I keep trying to place the face and the name. Who was the blonde man with the mustach that helped breakin the new Mandolins at the river along with Steve and Darrell??? He looks so familiar to me, is he a local?

I heard him playing at camp one night and thougt he was really a skilled musician.

I use my RGA song book all the time :thumbsup

I still do not quite understand one thing, don’t laugh, what do you mean when someone says, " In the key of G-3357(or whatever number), what do these numers represent? I know that it is some sort of universal language for bass, mando and others but not sure how it fits for me and my mandolin.

Brian who was that guy? He made a huge impression on me and if he is local I want to show support if I can.

Humm, RGA mandolin players in the river with mustaches… Maybe it was John Moore (guitar/mandolin player for California)? Or Sandy Munro (long-time academy guitar instructor who lives in Aspen)? Those are the 2 that come to mind immediately.


Hum just have to attend RGA again so I can check it out.

On another note, my first time to Swallow Hill last night.

They have class year round. I’d much rather be at the ranch… ever consider year round RGA? :flower

Is it true that Song School is more folk based ?

I say I will be happy to take the RGA leftovers if I get the chance this summer.

ITS ALL GOOD!!! :medal

The Song School is based more on the art of song crafting and is without question more folksy based.

However, there isn’t really a “genre-definition” to the Song School…it’s really all about the song, and the craft of delivering and developing songs.

I like that. Thanks