What do I need to do?

I noticed that I have recieved some “negative ratings”

What do I need to do to get some positive ones?

I am guessing that it helps to not complain about urine and feces and to do a lot of these:

:wave :thumbsup :cheers :flower :wink: :medal :lol :slight_smile: :dance :peace :bubbles :pig :green :hug :hooch :vibes :kitty :toejob :budumdum :ball :tapers :toejob :popcorn :welcome :dancing :horsey :strong :bday :sunshine :jester :pirate :angel :drunk :coffee :quote :8 :rollin :clap :hop :talk :headphones :concert :concert :band :band :flight :whip :bag :drive :festivarian :festivarian :butterfly :oconnor :cake



My rating has already went up! :thumbsup :thumbsup :thumbsup

does that help? You said what needed to be said. I agree. If we want to keep shit unseen, it needs to stay in the box.