What do I do about harassment on the forum?

Can a moderator please help me with harassment I am receiving on the forum?

Send a message to BluegrassBrian and/or BluegrassDustin. If you are receiving harassing messages, you can click the “Report to Admin” hyperlink, which gives you the option to send it to them directly.

Harassment here? That is terrible.

Speaking of harassment, what happened to your rating Skubes? Twas great meeting you and the rest of the Run A Muck clan.

I’d also say crunchy frog borders on harassment, but I was warned.

Nate Grant

LOL!!! Yeah, the frog is borderline…but voluntary!!! :lol It was great meeting you, too! Love putting names with faces. Will you be at Rockygrass this year? Hope to see you there!

Rating, well, yeah, some people just don’t get my appeal. Guess there’s no accounting for taste. :wink:

Oh good you are back to 420. Yep I will be at Rocky Grass for sure. I’ll keep everyone up in the campgrounds and then go back and crash at my Dad’s. See you there.

I just sent you a PM.