What day will Warner Field open?

Is it too early to know whether there will be a baseball game on the field on Tuesday? Anybody got any info on that? Thanks.

Warner Field will open at 9am on Wed. the 15th.

Same deal as last year. :sorry

Thank you. Now I can plan the details of travel and arrival. Am bummed that I will miss the Tuesday Town Park activities.

:wave No need to miss tuesday activities in Town Park!

Any word on ABGAT activities?

Is there a thread to post suggestions?

Can’t wait!!!


Look here: 2011 TBF Activities thread You all will the first to know.


how come warner field doesn’t open on tuesday anymore?? just curious .

It depends on whether or not there’s a baseball game on Tuesday.

There’s no baseball game…

Then I’m not sure. That was the reason last year, I believe. :huh

No baseball, but last year we sat and watched the softball action. Had a fine time, beers in hand, cheering on the locals. :cheers They probably do have games on Tuesday again. Why wouldn’t they? We’re already taking just about everything else from them for more than a week. THANKS TELLURIDE! :medal :thumbsup

My grandpa would be very displeased with me for getting them convfused. :frowning:

I saw another “slight confusion”…

ABGAT = Advanced BlueGrass Assult Team… the folks that arrive (AND PAY THE TOWN OF TELLURIDE) to camp during the week(s) PRIOR to Land Rush. In 2011 you can expect the ABGAT Team to arrive on or about June 4th.

Land Rush = the Saturday prior to the beginning of FESTIVVVAAALLL!!!, also known as the day Planet Bluegrass takes over Town Park. In 2011, June 11th is Land Rush.

So, anyone looking for “actvity” in Town Park is actually looking for the “Pre-Fest Activities List” (post Land Rush) which our Mayor, Telluride Tom will post about a month prior to the fest.

Now, if you are looking for ABGAT activities… it’s a BYOB and chill the heck out kinda thing. :lol :lol :lol :lol :lol :lol :lol :lol :lol :lol :lol :lol :lol :lol

Auntie Hope :festivarian2 :green

Just want to make sure everyone is clear on something…

If you do not have Town Park camping passes, you will not be able to camp in town park anytime after Planet Bluegrass takes over the campground (June 11).