What are you most excited for this TBF?

It’s been at least 3 years since any of us experienced a ‘real’ TBFestivaaaaaaalllllllll. What’s everyone looking forward to?

I’m personally pretty amped about:
*Seeing all of your wonderful faces again - especially those of you we haven’t seen since 2019 or beyond!
*That moment when I kinda finish getting camp set up and crack that first beer of the trip!
*Stumbling through primitive at 4am trying to find that last pickin’ circle still standing. “I swear the sound was coming from this direction”
*Being so cold I can’t feel my fingers.
*Being super hot and sticking my feet in the river.
*Making new lifelong friends.
*That first soundcheck heard from camp.
*That moment of regret when a particular green liquid hits my ill fated tastebuds.

I could go on…

What say you!?

Yes, three years is way too long. I can’t wait for these things:

Finding a new “favorite” artist
Hearing the noobies recite the Crunchy disclaimer
Seeing the TBF kids grow up (how come they get older and we don’t?)
Feeling the mist of Bridal Falls
Watching a tarp being run to the fence by some guy in a Chicken suit
GSBG’s lightshow
The exact moment the marshmallows STOP

Are you trying to convince us that your first beer of the trip isn’t until halfway through Landrush Saturday?! Even with your extreme self control last year, which was very impressive, I’m still calling BS on this statement!! :lol

Other than that rubbish I agree with all your other things to look forward to, and John’s. I’ll also add:

-Seeing the sun first hit those beautiful peaks each morning!
-Not just the last pick, but all the picks!
-Multiple options for Nightgrass!
-All the prefest traditions and events!
-Shot skis and thongies filled with that particular green liquid!
-Seeing all those ‘happy’ faces getting numbers at 7am, many of whom I saw actually happy only a few hours earlier!

I have more but time for someone else.
Cheers! :cheers
:festival FESTIVAAAAAAAL!!! :horsey

That first moment when you pull around the bend, and see into town, with the canyon framing the falls.
The beer you crack the moment you get to Town Park!
The over-all feeling of excitement with each new day, especially for that first morning tarp run.
Seeing yourself reflected in the eyes of all around you, knowing you’r surrounded by a community of pure fun intentions.
Sam Bush asking ‘whose been here all four days.’
Big hugs.
Over-all I’m excited to once again be part of a community, that looks out for one another, sharing, and united in all things festivarian.
And, I have to admit, I’ve never seen Tenacious D, I really enjoy Jack Black, and I’m very intrigued as to what they will do!
Shows at the Sheridan

It’s my first time! I’ve been dreaming about going for years and it felt like agony when I finally scored tickets in 2019, only for all of us to be shut out by Covid in 2020. I can’t believe my good luck with the lottery to get Town Park tickets my first go! I was so excited I told everyone at work and kinda let the cat out of the bag I’d been waiting for the lottery instead of working :rofl:. 2020 came and I lost my business and obsessed over the news to see if Bluegrass was canceled or not. I may or may not have listened to hours upon hours of city council meetings while Ferg fought for us to be able to gather in that box canyon. May have shed a tear or two when it didn’t happen.
So I went ahead and drove the 30 hours to Telluride during the summer solstice, anyway, which felt like such a twilight zone situation to be there but no bluegrass. And it was my first time in that perfect town! I’ve been dreaming of it ever since and cannot wait that we are gonna all be there together NEXT MONTH! As a Kentucky gal, bluegrass is in my blood and I can’t wait to be there enjoying it all with you guys. After these last two years of hell, Telluride is going to feel like heaven on earth.

What I’m looking forward to the most:
*Not having to refresh this forum 20 times a day in excitement to see if there’s any activity - because we’ll be there!
*That crazy mountain road leading to the prettiest little mountain town ever
*Seeing the “Welcome to Telluride” sign on that old rundown barn driving into town
*Taking the Gondola at sunset
*Setting up my tent for pre-fest and waiting in anticipation for everyone to arrive.
*Hearing Sam Bush and will probably cry if/when he sings “Circles Around Me”
*Will also cry during GSBG Time > Breathe Reprise
*Walking to the waterfall in bear creek because somehow I didn’t know it was over there
*Hiking to Bridal Veil Falls and laughing at the cars driving up crazy black bear road
*Checking out a few new restaurants
*Night jams in TP
*Feeling that crisp mountain air and feeling like all is right in the world in a magical place where time just seems to stop

Okay, can June get here faster, please?! See ya’ll soon!!! :yellow_heart::yellow_heart::yellow_heart:

Thanks for sharing that Kentucky Gal! :medal
That pretty much sums up what many of us feel every year during these weeks leading up to our return to that special box canyon. Thinking how every morning waking up and seeing those peaks seems so surreal. :sunshine I can’t believe how close we are to the return to a ‘normal’ festival! Last year was quite special also, but we were missing so many family members. The music, the setting, the vibe, the Planet, it is all part of the package. But the community in Town Park is unlike any others I’ve experienced and is what got many of us hooked. You will see! :peace

‘Circles Around Me’ is like a theme song for us! Circling up with your neighbors, arm in arm, swaying in the evening breeze and belting out the words we hold so dear with tears running down your cheeks! Yea, pretty special! :hug

Almost 5 weeks! Lets roll and go!! :concert :rollin

Love it! How did you get the concert and little guys in there?! That’s so cool!
I may or may not have listened to “Circles Around Me” and cried after reading your reply!
Oh man, can June please hurry up and get here?!

From the fun little characters above the message field. Click on ‘more’ and voila!

Sam played it at nightgrass up at the conference center last year and we had a LARGE group all circled up! Whoever was next to you … :hug

See you in a few weeks!! :cheers

Just an FYI -
Didn’t want to hog the thread but forgot to incude this. Lucas updated the thread “A summary for Town Park Noobs”. If you haven’t read that in the last couple weeks you should! He has consolidated a bunch of info from previous posts that can be very helpful, and included new SOPs like the Zone 1 thing.

Ah, thank you so much, Pass Port! Will check it out :slight_smile: