Were almost there :cheers

Were almost there

Almost free

Almost free of stress and responsibility

Were almost there, almost to our happy place, the place that we call Salvation.

The place we think of when we need an escape.

A place where everyone is smiling, everybody is happy, everybody is at peace.

This is our place festavarians once a year, where friendships are rekindled for another year until the next.

So in less than two days I will be riding my bike, smoking pot, drinking, hanging out with great once a year friends, listening to music and nature,looking at pretty girls and of course nature as well as reflecting on my present life and its future. With no worries, no responsibilities, no nothing… but happiness and relaxation.

God I can’t wait… See you there. :slight_smile:

Nice. That’s exactly how it all went down. Hope you had as much fun as I did. :flower :flower :flower