Well that was a great 30th birthday celebration

Thanks to all that I met or didn’t meet. I did get my punch brothers ticket. It wasn’t difficult. I won’t be so aggressive next time, although if I had missed that legendary show I would have been pretty livid.

Anyone know the setlist from that show I’m not seeing it on the interwebs.

Glad we made it in… I’m the guy who was out there begging with you Sunday night, after running into you a few times earlier in the weekend.

A great set, and a great way to end the fest, as always.

Glad you guys made it in! :thumbsup

Sounds like a number of us were begging on Sunday night. Was anyone waiting with a Canadian? :wink:

Yes, I was waiting in line with Larry Walker.

I am Canadian.

Anybody know the setlist?

I believe you are the gentleman to whom I sold my extra Trampled By Turtles ticket.