Well, as we head towards March 19...

Isn’t this pretty awesome?


Hmm… Steve Winwood is playing Oakland on June 26th. I don’t know if there’s a clue here or not. Aargh! :cheers

She is so relaxed and natural. Beautiful song, thanks Ferg. :medal

OMG I just thought of Van the Man. Back in the high life again. GOOSEBUMP CITY!!!

Was that a hint? God he loves this stuff, driving us all up a tree with what is to be. :medal

I LOVE THIS!!! :lol :flower

WOW!!! I cannot wait to see that in the canyon WOOOHOOO :lol :lol :lol


June 21 in Aspen. Seems a slam dunk. Ferg needs a more subtle clue dropping method now :lol

Yeah, that sleight of hand trick attempt (the Brandi Carlile YouTube video) ain’t going to work on these professionals! :wink: :lol

Just opened an email from Gillian Welch. Looks like she and Dave Rawlings have some time between the announced gigs in Boulder on June 18 and the one in Kansas City on the 24th. Looks like they have a nice opening for a gig in Telluride.

SO… how does that sound for a little anticipatory news? It would be a nice surprise, that’s for sure.


LuAnna…saw that too (Boulder is 6/18) and made the logical conclusion. Nice addition on Steve Winwood, Craig!

Winwood’s playing the 22nd at the Paramount in Denver, So that would have him playing Thursday or Friday night of festival. Sweet.

That lineup rolling with Gillian and David is pretty incredible (Jon Paul Jones, Paul Kowert, and Willie Watson) - What a supergroup that is. Please please please let them play…Kowert’s already gonna be in town for the Punch Brothers, how could they not come up? crosses fingers

It would also be SUPERCOOL if Willie Watson could play a solo gig somewhere too (maybe a nightgrass show at Fly Me To The Moon? Even an Elk-park set)

Getting super-excited now!

Winwood, Welch and Rawlings, would be perfect! Hey why not, also, 2013 Americanna Lifetime Achievement Award winners, O.C.M.S! They have a two week window at summer solstice!

:woohoo :woohoo :woohoo :woohoo :woohoo :lovedr :love :love :love :love

Almost time to unwrap those last few gifts I purchased at Christmas time. Steve, Dweezel, Van the man, Warren? You can bet it’s gonna be good :medal


It’s looking real good for Gillian Welch / Dave Rawlings. The press release for the Dave Rawlings Machine tour says: “Dave Rawlings Machine’s barnstorming 2013 lineup is back for six nights only this summer.”

It then goes on to list five dates…

Who knew math could be this cool? :wink:

I like the way you play it, sir.

Ohhhhhhhhhhh what could one meezly day hurt. Hua? A small hint maybe? :lol Starts with…


Alright. It’s Tuesday afternoon. Tomorrow is March 19. You’ve waited long enough.

Ferg’s running around the property, so I’ll sneak out a few TBF '14 leaks…

Making a rare appearance in Colorado, we’re excited to present the jaw-dropping harmonies of the 3-time IBMA Entertainers of the Year (and 3-time vocal group of the year) as your 41st Annual Telluride Bluegrass sunday morning gospel set:

And one more while Ferg is distracted by the highway of backhoes circling his house…

Here’s how we’ll spend our TBF Sunday afternoon, a little groovin’ California style:

(let me know if I should try to sneak in a few more leaks before Craig gets back to his computer :wink:

Yes please!!! More leaks indeed. Been refreshing every coupla minutes since December!!

The last two “leaks” are sweeeeet!

Yes, please! :thumbsup

Do you even need to ask?