Weather where you are...

Not sure about anyone else, but the weather in SW Ohio today is damn near perfect. 80 degrees, nice breeze with passing clouds. Looking forward to dinner at our favorite bar patio tonight. Can’t wait till June!!


Just to make everyone else feel a little better on a Friday - it’s 40 & thunderstorms here in Minnesota - Snow predicted for tonight - oh, wait, I think it’s changed to sleet as I type. Can’t wait for June! :sunshine

Beautiful in Nashville on Saturday, nice enough for a run around the block… oh wait, I think they call that a marathon. Forget it. I’m going to try and sleep in on Saturday morning. :thumbsup

Auntie Hope :pickin

EDIT: for you runners out there…
A rain cooled 56 degrees, 87% humidity and cloudy. Perfect day if you’re a marathoner!

Very windy!

32 mph winds with gusts to 51 mph.