Warner vs. Town Park for group arriving Wed

Hello all, I’m arriving Wed morning and have the option between Warner and Town Park camping.

I have scrolled the TP camping thread, which suggests TP is pretty well full by Mon/Tues. I am not solo and have a group of 5-10 looking to setup a single camp together. Are we better off going with Warner?

Thanks in advance for any advice!

How do you have options between Warner and TP for 5-10 people?? Do you seriously have that many tickets for both??

Anyhow, that’s a lot of peeps to squeeze into Town Park so late in the game. I’d sway you towards Warner since it opens on Wednesday so you may be able to score decent real estate.

Definitely Warner. I’ve come in to Town Park on Wednesday trying to set up camp for three people and had trouble finding a spot to set up a real camp. Plenty of space to squeeze in a few tents, but not enough for a real camp.

Thank you very much, Hooch and Hot Sugar.

Hooch, re tix my group has a 50/50 mix. We have friends of friends in a similar situation and we have agreed to trade one way or the other so that our groups can stick together respectively. They arrive earlier in the week than us so sounds like it will work out well going with Warner (us) and TP (them).

Any major difference in vibe/festivities across the two camps to be considered?

Thanks again!

I’ve only meandered through Warner a few times, but my understanding is that you hang out there to eat, sleep, refill your booze and maybe take a nap. Otherwise you’re partying in Town Park.

Warner field is flat/level and on a nice bed of green grass. If I were tent camping, I’d take Warner Field given it’s the equivalent of camping on a fairway of a golf course. Not to mention the insects, snakes, and raw sewage that regularly flows through town park. Plus the regular presence of small
-yet-temporary stills and meth labs (and the noxious fumes) that are erected in town park may give some a pause. If that isn’t enough, there is this contingent of beginner toothless banjo players (is that redundant?) that seems to play only at night in town park.

Keep your Warner field tickets, you are getting the better end of the deal.

I’d like to point out re: noxious fumes that Warner Field AND Town park are both fully exempt “outdoor areas” under The Right to Fart Act of 2004.

2004? So it IS Bush’s fault?