Warner Fields question

So with Warner Field not opening till Wed. @ 9AM, will we be able to drive up close to dump off gear? Or is it walk in only?

Absolutely. T Town gets clamped down either late Wednesday or early Thursday. You will meet up with gate keepers who might ask you where you are headed or need info. Not sure when the 2 hour drive in town pass begins, but you will have ample time to drop bags, shop for essentials and be directed to parking areas outside of town. As for the drop off/walk in, you are able to drive close enough to the ball field entrance and then drag, carry, roll, yo gear to your campsite. The crew are very very organized and are adept at anticipating your wildest dreams, except help you unload. lol.

Go with the flow and follow directives and you will be fine.

See you there

WarnerMan more than 12 times…

I also have a question - I’ve stayed at Warner field a few times over the past years but it’s been spread over fifteen years so I have foggy memory.

How early do we need to arrive in order to secure camping spots for our group of four (possibly six)? We will have a modest set-up, two small tents and maybe a shade structure. We don’t need the most primo spot, just enough space to be together.

Do we need to make sure we have folks there before noon on Wednesday or will arriving between 5pm-7pm Wednesday get us in there OK?
Any experiences appreciated. Thanks!

Arriving late on Wed will get you a place but you are not guaranteed to have an “ideal” space. It depends on what you need and want.
You will be fine, come when you can!