Warner Field virgin

Family of 4 and first time at experiencing Telluride this year…we are so excited! We have been to RockyGrass and am wondering if the vibe at Warner is similar to on-site camping at RockyGrass (late night jamming and reach out and touch your neighbor)? Or is that Town Park? How far is the walk to the Town Park restrooms and bath facilities? Is there cell phone service? Any other advice? Thanks all.

You’re right next door to Town Park, and have access to all things TP . The bath house is kinda in between WF and TP, with Porta johns scattered. Warner seems to be a bit more tent to tent, as its an open field. Everybody is super cool!

Thank you!!

I have always had pretty good cell service (Sprint) all throughout Telluride and Town Park. There is a bath house at the pool with showers ($3 for 5 minutes of hot water) and that is right next to Warner Field. And Warner Field is right next to the entrance to the festival grounds. Not sure how old your kiddos are, but if they like fishing there is a nice trout pond close to one of the Warner Field entrances so bring a pole, and there are playgrounds close to both Warner Field entrances. You can also purchase a day pass for the pool. I know it is open through Wednesday, and I believe it is open throughout the festival but can’t remember for sure. You are able to hear the music from all of those areas as well as Warner Field, so if the kids need a break you can check those out and still hear the music.

As Todd mentioned, you are free to wander throughout the Town Park camping area and use that bath house as well, although the pool bath house has usually seemed to be a little less crowded in my experience. The Town Park camp host has ice for sale if you need ice. I haven’t ever camped at Warner Field but I don’t think there is much late night jamming going on there. It has always been pretty quiet when I have walked by later in the night when the main festival music has stopped, and I am pretty sure there are quiet hours for Warner Field. Lots of late night jamming all over the Town Park campground though. No quiet hours there. :slight_smile:

I don’t think there are any official quiet hours at any of the festival campgrounds. Used to be the case at the High School when there was camping on their fields. Warner is likely more quiet by default, but there aren’t any enforceable hours, so to speak.

Maybe not. I thought I had heard that somewhere, but maybe was just thinking about the high school.

When are you getting in? We are also bringing our son (5 turning six that week) - we could camp near ya for parental support :slight_smile:

Not until Thursday :(. i think it will be a struggle for us to find a spot BUT we will be optimistic!

Text me! 4247039841 - what’s your set up like? We might be able to help

Oh that would be awesome. I will text you