Warner Field/Town Park/Hotel

My wife and I managed Warner this year but not the lottery :frowning: But hey Warner we still have access to friends in Townpark and already know of some real good friends that also got Warner :thumbsup I was wondering my wife and I want to arrive in Telluride on Fri and stay in a room in town until Tuesday morning when we could set up home in Warner. Would we be able to at least get wrist banded so that we could go visit our friends after Saturday or do we have to wait until Tues. A wrist band would allow us to participate and at the same time if Town Park were made available to us we could just skip it so someone else could get the same access to festival as we cause our situation would be just fine. In all reality I dont care were I sleep as long as I could access my friends during the day and participate in all the wonderful activities before Tuesday.

A Warner Field Camping/Festival Pass also gives you access to Town Park! You can come and go at will! :thumbsup

Auntie Hope :festivarian2 :green

Any time before Thursday the day the festival begins you can come and go in Town Park as you please (you just cant’ camp there before the Planet takes over unless you pay the regular camping fees).
Come join in the pre-fest fun! :cheers

if you get to telluride during abgat week, you can pay to camp in the town park campground until Sat. before festival. On Saturday, PB takes over the whole area of town park and opens up the “preserve”. Many camps are set up in the newly-opened area. If you have friends in town park (or even if you don’t) you can camp with them until Tuesday when Warner Field opens and you can get your site.
You have the option of getting your wristband anytime after the box office opens, at least for town park festival camping, but there is no security checkpoints checking for wristbands until the day the festival begins, officially on Thursday. I do not know, however, if you have to wait 'til Tues. to get the Warner wristband. That is what is so nice about all this; people can come up to Tride for the day to visit with old friends, or locals can come in for the pre-fest activities and see friends, people staying in condos for the week can come on over and jam at night, or day, or 24/7, which has been known to happen.
I like to wait to get my wristband just because it bugs me if I have it on that long.

well it took me a while to post that last one. i got sidetracked and the Mayor’s post was there, so now you have all the 411.

Cindy Lou you had mentioned that we could camp with our friends until tuesday is that even with the takeover on Saturday. We stayed in townpark last year and had such a good time during the prefest that we dont want to miss anything this year. If we could camp in TP until tuesday that would save us about 600 bucks that would make life so much easier.

Yes! Save the $600 and stay in Town Park until Warner opens!
If you get there before the Saturday that Planet Bluegrass takes over be prepared for a FULL campground under the rules of Town Park. :cheers

Yes, that is correct. More money for bacon and beer.