Warner Field question and distance

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ok… so its about what, six weeks til we head out and I have two questions.

  1. We just purchased a new tent for the festival (its a six person tent) but its really like setting up a four person tent with a 2 person vestibule just to give you an idea size wise. If we get to Warner Field on Tueday evening, will there be space to set up this size tent or does it get cramp really quickly?

  2. We can leave Denver area about 9am Tuesday morning, about how long can I expect it to take to get to Telluride (I’m thinking Mapquest might not give the best estimate).

Thanks in advance for your input… :flower

  1. It will be starting to get crowded, but you should be fine

  2. expect 7 hours, either going I-70 or 285 to 50 (Kenosha and Monarch passes, Gunnison and Montrose, my favorite way!)
    There’s nothing like seeing the Sneffels range as you descend into Montrose, knowing Telluride is just “over there!”


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Thanks for the input and also the suggestion about the route. :drive

I haven’t even taken a look at which way we were going to go.

I’m wondering if there are any fellow Philadelphian or even Pennsylvania folks who are camping at Warner. Would be nice to meet up and even camp together. :cheers

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Did you leave a Sony mini dv video camera behind in the Run a Muck kitchen a couple of years ago? It contained a video of your (someones) kids playing in the backyard, there was a short pan of festival and then nothingness.

If it’s yours you can retrieve it from where you left it in 2006.


Thanks Jerry, but it’s not mine. Chat with you tonite! :cheers

Warner does not really start to fill in until Wed. Arrive anytime Tues and you will find a good spot. By Tues dinner, the spots all around the fence and the infield will be gone but there will be plenty of other space available.

I am not familiar with the Warner Field “rush” as we have always been in Town Park in years past. Will people staying in line Monday night to get in Tuesday morning, or just show up fairly early Tuesday morning? We would like to get a spot on/near the fence, thanks for any and all guidance!!!

There is a minor “land rush” for Warner, but I’ve never seen anyone sleeping in line for it.

Of course, there’s a first time for everything.

I think an early morning arrival will be fine. The line, such as it is, forms beside the little white house beside the town pool, where the “official” entrance and security ez-up sits beside the driveway/road into Town Park.

“Warner does not really start to fill in until Wed. Arrive anytime Tues and you will find a good spot. By Tues dinner, the spots all around the fence and the infield will be gone but there will be plenty of other space available.”

This is a true statement. I camped last year at Warner Field, arrived Tuesday a.m., which I believe is the earliest you can set up your camping area from what I remember. Whereas Town Park camping begins on Saturday prior to the festival.

I arrived at approx 930 am and was probably the 15th camper on the field, which by the way is adjacent to Townpark/festival area. As the previous poster said, by Tuesday evening all of the prime spots (along the fenceline) had been occupied and the infield began to start filling up.

My memory is that by Wednesday evening, Warner was mostly occupied and certainly by Thursday evening there no more space.

It sounds like you are worried bout the tent size. No worries there however because most people, in addition to their 4-8 person tents set up day shelters or EZ ups.

The advantage of getting there by Tuesday morning is you get to set up your home on grass, not dirt (the infield, this is a baseball playing area).

NO matter where in Warner Field your’e gonna love it.

Being so close to the staging area, you can hear the music very clearly when you want to get away from the heat of the day. Tons of people picking in W Field. Portapotties which are emptied twice daily, once in the am and again in the pm. Watch out for the smell. A great resource for Warner Field is the local swimming pool approximately 75 yards way which you can access for $4/day. In the heat of the day, you may have to wait to access, they allow a limited number of people, if you have kids it is an amazing resource. Great place to relax and hear music (again, so close to the Tpark stage), read a book, and work out the hangover via swim therapy.

Thanks for all the input, you guys rule… :rock

Just to keep the questions coming. I’m familiar with Phila Folk Fest and it sounds like TP does the same (compounds of people that know each other)… does this happen at Warner Field too? If so, how hard is it to latch onto a good group?

It’s as easy as starting a thread, something like “Warner Field Roll Call: Looking to Join/Start a Base Camp!”. :thumbsup

Auntie Hope :pickin

Right on, thanks for all of the great info, see ya’ll in little under a month!!!

Yes, there are some regular Werner tribes. We have been camping in the same spot now for several years. Some years we have had as many as 15 people, this year it will be six or seven. Assuming we get the same place again, this will be six years in a row. We have had many of the same neighbors year after year. Mostly, Werner is pretty relaxed. Some late night picking, not a late night rowdy scene. Several families etc.

Last year was the first time we really saw people camping on the dirt. I think it is because more folks have been bringing sunshades etc and using up more space for “compounds”. The dirt used to be frisbee area, but I guess we will see the same again this year by Friday.

Don’t camp near the portolets!