Warner Field Info

Apologies from a TBF newbie if this question has been answered elsewhere…

I’ve got camping passes for Warner Field. The info I’m seeing says that the field will open at 9am on Wednesday morning and we’re allowed to go in on foot and stake out a space, and then we’ll have about 20 minutes to bring a car in and unload all of our stuff…

My questions: What time do people start lining up to get into Warner Field? About how early should I plan to get in line to carve out a decent spot for my group of 4? And finally, any other info specific to Warner Field (besides needing to bring something for shade) that I should know about?

Thank you! (and thanks to all who keep this forum up and running - it’s been so fun to read through everything!) :cheers

People will start lining up about an hour or so before they open the gates. That is plenty of time.
There won’t be a crazy amount of people rushing for field space as people trickle in all day long.
The earlier you get in the better tho because of the “in town” parking situation. The Planet will allow
you to park your vehicle in thier “designated parking areas” in town but once they have reached the
limit and fill all spaces, the remaining festivarians will have to park thier vehicle over the mountain
and take the gondola back which isnt really a big deal because you can’t use you vehicle in town
anyway. It just saves time and a gondola trip day 1 and the day you are leaving.
Be sure that you have some form of proof whether it be an email on your phone or your printed out
PDF ticket that shows you have Warner Field passes to get in for the initial claiming of your spot
on Wednesday.
There is a requirement of tent stakes being no longer that 6" due to the irrigation system for the ball
field. If you plan to cook any food it is propane only NO charcoal as well as a NO glass policy.
It is a FANTASIC place to camp for the festival! You can hear music from your tent, and it might take you
10 minutes to get from your camp to your festival chair or tarp!


10 minutes? :huh

More like 30 seconds!!! :thumbsup

Auntie Hope :festivarian2 :green

Well let me be honest then 10 minutes with stopping and getting a Ranger at the beer tent :lol :lol

And talking to people you see along the way. :wink:
From Warner Field to the stage is what, 100 yards?
So, in reality it could take 10 minutes even without the beer if your tarp is down front. :cheers

Warner field is great. My first and only TBF was in 2011 and we camped Warner field. Have tried every year since to get Warner tickets and am excited to be returning this year.

Met a lot of great people. You can hear music just fine from your tent. It is easy to enter and exit the festival grounds, close to bathhouse and water and has its own line of Portajons. You also have access to all Town park has to offer

See ya there.



Thanks for your help everyone! After lurking on this site quite frequently I feel like I’m in the presence of greatness! hehe

One more quick question - I understand that open fires are not permitted within the town of Telluride and that some of the campsites have specific regulations…a friend of mine suggested I get a propane fire pit like the one on this Craigslist ad:


Would something like this be permitted at Warner Field? And if so, please don’t buy the one I listed above before I can get my hands on it! :flower



Yes that would be acceptable and permited at Warner Field. I personally got the
ok from Dustin at the Planet last year and used one. It was fantastic sitting aroud
a small propane fire ring and listening to the main stage when I had to attend to
my kids while they were sleeping in the tent.

Now Hope you know it can take me half a day to get from Run A Muck to the tarp! Just depends on which route I happen to take and how many detours I take along the way. :drunk :dancing :kiss :hug :bubbles

Awesome, tupelo.
Warner FIeld is so nice, bring the campfire (propane) .
Take a tour of Town Park for an amazing display of propane accessories.

I have another question. Is Warner Field usually tight for camping space? I’m wondering if bringing an eight man tent and easy up will take up too much room.

That is a very good question. If you are there when Warner opens and run with a tarp to mark your space, all should be well and you will more than likely get a great spot on the grass.

If you arrive at a later time, there should still be plenty of room on the infield of Warner.

Hey, worst case scenario, you’ll make new friends and join your easy-up with another to save space. Yup! That could happen! :cheers

Auntie Hope :festivarian2 :green

Just how crazy is the land grab for Warner? At Rockygrass, I’m not sure which rush is more intense- the land grab or the festival tarp run. Either way it always seems to work fine

Fun crazy, not mean crazy. :thumbsup

Auntie Hope :festivarian2 :green

Here is the run in 2011. Greg Black and I are on the brown tarp in the center.


Fun it was and fun it will be this year.

One last question about Warner Field as I’m packing this weekend!

The Planet Bluegrass email that just went out talked about no charcoal grills and mentioned backpacking stoves…what about a small propane grill? We had plans to bring one with a metal pan underneath so as not to disturb the grass - is that acceptable?

Can’t wait to see your lovely faces :wave

Portable propane grills are fine as long as they either have short legs or some way to keep them from direct contact with the grass. :thumbsup