Warner Field early arrival

This will be my 4th Bluegrass but my first time camping in the middle of all the action. I’ll be on in Warner Field. I’m planning on arriving the Saturday before the festival. Will I be able to set up camp in Warner that early, or will I have to find somewhere else to camp for a few days?

Check the camping link on the PB website. I think Warner Field does not usually open until the Wednesday before the Festival.

Will we be OK camping in Town Park until Wednesday morning when we can make the move to Warner? If not, we are thinking of camping in one of the many dispersed campsites in the area. Does anyone have any experience camping in these open sites so close to the start of the festival?

Don’t know. Perhaps Sugar can help you. Some of the other campsites like Lawson or the High School don’t open until Tuesday or Wednesday. There is always Illium, but that is a bit far from town.

Some people have done this in the past. A bit of a hassle to set up twice, but I think it is do able!

Hi all! I wondered the same thing about Warner Field. This will be our first time the TBG and the Festival Fairies were on our side b/c we scored lotto passes for Warner. Realizing this is a HUGE opportunity and such a rarity we’ll be representing the festival well! :flower
Ive read the load in directions over and over but was curious to know when do folks start lining up for entrance? Over night Tuesday, Monday?
@JodyFostersFist we planned to do the same thing, arrive Sat and really make it an experience, but agree, not sure where.

Warner line usually starts late Tuesday night, but unless you have a HUGE group coming, or really REALLY wanna be in a certain spot, you don’t have to worry about getting there extremely early. There’s plenty of room on that beautiful grass carpet.

The groups that get there early seem to be the larger ones that set up in the same area every year, usually along the fences. I don’t know what the advantage to being on a fence is (maybe only one side of neighbors? Shade in the afternoon?) but you’ll find a place no matter when you get there.

Thank you!! This is super helpful. So looking forward to this. See ya all there :cheers

Sounds like it will be Illium or a national forest site for us for a few days. Thanks everyone for the replies. I’ll see all of you glorious festivarians in June :wave