Warner Field campers from SLC

Half our regular group can’t make it this year. We’re looking to hook up with some more folks from SLC area who are camping at Warner Field. We’ve got a couple 12 yr old boys and a 10 yr old girl, all musicians. We’d love some new friends and folks to share line sitting. We usually try to be under #20 in line, which takes a little planning.

Hi, not camping at Warner Field, but was wondering if you or anyone else in your group has room for one more from slc (and back perhaps)? More than willing to pitch in gas $$/shared driving. Thanks!

Hi- Sorry but we’re always jam packed with stuff. Also, we go early, like the Saturdey before. But I’ll let you know if I hear of someone with space!

Yes yes yes! Texted you about warner field camping this year. Stoked to be back!