Want to share accommodations. Don't have yet

My wife and I are looking to share an accommodation with a kind couple(s).
We are in our 60s and mellow but not boring! We don’t smoke cigarettes.
Please introduce yourselves if you are also looking for other lodgers.

I was thinking we might be interested, but it looks like an average stay during that time is running $1000. A night. If you find a better deal we may consider it.

I reserved a place in Mountain Village, above Telluride. It’s a one bedroom with a sleeper sofa. I reserved it for 4 nights. Total per couple comes to $1360. It’s at The Inn at Lost Creek. We’d prefer to stay in town, but we’ve stayed in Mountain Village before and it’s a beautiful Gondola ride down to Telluride.

Haven’t heard back from you and just wanted confirmation that you received my reply…

I apologize thank you for the reminder. We are going to stick with camping, because we are looking to arrive the Sunday before the festival. Thank you for sharing the information.