Wanna Introduce Ourselves!

We are from Billings Montana and are sure excited for our first year of TBF. We just got married 5 days ago and this is going to be our little pre-honeymoon. We are camping at Lawton Hill. Can’t wait to see Bela and Sam Bush, and Brett Dennon, and…ohhhh man.

LuAnn is making us buttons and we are going to try to make it to the oyster bbq on wednesday night @ town park. If we are camping at Lawton Hill is that even possible? Any advice would be wonderful and sure looking forward to meeting yall.

Tucker and Vanessa
from Montana

Hey Tucker and Vanessa -

This is Rhonny from the chat the other night. First off, welcome! Secondly, the Oyster BBQ is on Tuesday at Run-A-Muck (which is in the “Preserve” as close to the stage as you can get in that part of Town Park… right along the fence line. Just follow the people…), rather than Wednesday. If you can’t make it 'til Wednesday never fear, Wednesday is Rumballs at the Mash tent, etc.

For the most part, anyone you’ll ask can direct you towards any of the above events. I recommend looking for a bigger “established” looking camp at which to make your inquiries… but you really shouldn’t have any problems.

Now as far as getting from Lawson Hill to Town Park… it’s really no different than getting to the Festival itself. You can catch a ride on a shuttle to and from TP…

If all else fails… ask people for “Telluride Tom”… the Mayor loves helping visiting dignitaries such as yourselves find their way around Town Park. I suggest getting there as early as you can on Wednesday and making an afternoon of it; there’s lots of people to meet, camps to marvel at and beer and other spirits to drink. If you want to participate in the potluck, food is the ticket!! Tom has posted a text file that has the activity schedule. Feel free to attend anything on that schedule - you are both more than welcome!

xoxo Rhonny