We’re inside the 100 day mark! YAY! I just thought everyone should know. :slight_smile: And probably start packing.

CAN WE LEAVE YET??? :flower

Geez, I wish! The weather getting nice is giving me Telluride fever.

I did take out my fest chair and kept lookin at it like it was going to say,GET YER KEESTER OVER HERE!!! Time for some long needed R&R… :cheers Pretty soon.

Hey Miki!
My chair is still in the car! Refused to get out! :lol

Auntie Hope :festivarian2 :green

Got a new camp chair (no legs!) from the kids’ camp and it’s ready to go, sitting in the dining room in a place of honor as the festi-chair in waiting!

100 days?! Eek! Don’t even have a packing list together yet - we’re late already and we haven’t even gotten in the car!

I haven’t even figured out where I’m camping yet or who’s going with me yet. I am SO behind. I need to start getting it together! The Festi-chair in waiting. I love it.

:thumbsup :wave :cheers time to get my festigear together!!
melt snow, melt!!!

My last camping trip this past summer ended in a huge rainstorm where everything was pretty much just tossed into the back of the truck and then tossed into the garage…I need to go through and organize soon. Soo to your mantra of melt snow melt…I totally agree! And I think there’s some in the forecast over the next few days in Denver.

Driving through snow in Colorado, not yet spring, not yet green,
The wind will blow and snow will go, but not from every place in Colorado,
My fire, contained in a wood stove, will explode, hearing strings, plucked in spring
Changing to summer

Oh, me, too! Almost hyperventilated yesterday. :flower

I can’t wait. This is my third fest and my first in Town Park. I say we pool our money to pay a scientist to invent a time speeder upper machine :cheers

Noooooo, noooooo! I’m not ready to pack yet! :wink:

I dun know my ol fest chair smelled like dirty feet… Plenty of air time is good :lol

I am soooo excited, just secured my Town Park tickets, so now I can start the packing list. Less then 100 days now, crap I gotta start getting things together. It’s supposed to be over 50 tomorrow in Denver, maybe I’ll break out the Festi chairs and take em for a spin. You know put on a LOS CD, throw down a tarp and Dance in front of the chair.
Beth :cheers

Sounds like a great plan, Beth! We should all try that! :lol

Auntie Hope :festivarian2 :green