Volunteers in TP

We have a friend who is volunteering this year. He’d like to join us in Town Park, and we have an extra ticket for him. Can he purchase the ticket and will PB reimburse him for the festival costs? If so how does he go about making that happen?

The volunteer coordinator at Planet Bluegrass should be able to help.
That happened for me at Telluride Blues. I know, different folks but they
should refund him $370. They do not provide camping.

Last year we volunteered and we bought TP camping from a friend. During the festival we showed our wristbands to the volunteer coordinator, she noted it in their files, and we finished our shifts. A couple weeks after the festival we got a refund for the cost of a 4 day pass without camping.

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How do you contact the volunteer coordinator? I have some questions. Thanks.

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