Volunteer first timer, looking for best eco-friendly trip to the festival

Hi, my name is Ashlee C 21 yr old who is new to the festival life. I volunteered at Rockygrass in 2010 and quickly fell in love with the atmosphere. I’m now planning to take part in the Telluride adventure with some of you lovely people and am in search of a ride or plan of some sort to get to the festival. I will be traveling alone thus far, unless I have a friend who decides to join the last minute. I am looking to leave sometime on Monday the 13th (I’m off work at 7a in Des Moines area) or Tuesday the 14th (anytime, hopefully in the morning) on a train or with some very cool people who are also heading that way (aka anyone who is willing to have another person to split gas with and assist in driving.) I live in the Ames area and travel to Des Moines and surrouding areas frequently so I know a fair amount of roadways and can easily meet up with a group within a few hour range. I’ve got my campground ticket for Lawson Hill Campground already and I am not sure when it is that I can set up my campgrounds but perhaps someone can let me know that info. Other than all the technical information, I am a very easy going person who is always up for some good intellectual conversations. I’m looking forward to this seasons endeavors and can’t wait to hear from others! :thumbsup

I would check and throw a post in the “Hitching a Ride” section of the forum. Anybody looking for a road trip buddy will probably check there, including folks who might just be passing through your area or close enough for you to meet. I have found somebody to split a ride with the two times I have gone out to Telluride. You’re gonna love the festival.


I’m not sure if we’re going for landrush or not. I am hoping we will, which puts us departing on June 9th or 10th. If we don’t go that early, we might be leaving around the time you’re thinking. My hubby (iabluegrassboy) works in Des Moines currently and we live in Ottumwa right now.

facebook me: http://www.facebook.com/#!/sielerschiller so we can stay in touch. I am bad about staying on top of the forum!

Maybe we’ll see you around some shows before TBF!


Lawson Hil Campground

Tent Camping Only

Location: Ball field located about 4 miles from the festival grounds

# Opens: 8 am on Tuesday, June 14

Closes: noon on Monday, June 20

Metal pans must be used under stoves to protect grass.

Charcoal grills are not allowed.

Tent stakes longer than 6" are prohibited to protect irrigation systems.

# Quiet hours are 2am-7am.

Serviced by free shuttle.

No vehicles are allowed on the field.

Free parking nearby.

thanks everyone! I am still desperately looking for a ride from IA. I had a train set up to Grand Junction, but that has fallen through now. Anyone?? I’m nice :wink: