Visiting Denver


My wife and I will be in Denver for a couple of days after the festival.
Can anyone suggest a nice, somewhat affordable place to stay.
Preferrably a safe area.
Thanks Glen

Email me off- forum and I can help you out. Info needed: suburb stay or downtown stay?
Price range wanted? Just the 2 of you?
Your pseudo-travel agent festivarian friend and Denver suburb resident
dancin-feet at

Do you have to stay in Denver? There was a cute town, what I expected from Boulder but didn’t get, near Paul and Holly’s. Who knows, there might even be a show at Paul and Holly’s. Does anyone know the town I’m thinking of? It’s between the hotel and Holly’s, Luana? Do you know. I wish I wrote it down. That would be a great place to spend a few days.

The hotel was the LaQuinta inn, Denver, Boulder, Louisville. Maybe the town was Louisville.


Louisville it is. There are several motels along US36. It is about 20 minutes from Boulder and 30 minutes from Denver.

don’t forget Calachis for GREAT Italian food on main street downtown. I hope they are still there it was looking a bit sparse when I last visited. I’ve been eating spaghetti at that place since about 1956, you do the math :rolleyes

:cheers :cheers :cheers

Calachis is long gone. The is a new place (Empire) is that location. Carelli’s in Boulder, about 10 minutes away, is probably the best Italian restaurant these days.