Virtual Town park with Music

Hey Everybody,

Not sure if I ever posted this version or not, but Taper Pete made some recordings at the Tiki Bar and this is the result.

Taper Pete Tour

Can’t wait to see all you crazy people in June!


Tiki Bar Toe Jammers! :lol :lol :lol


sweet. noice job Taper Pete. June can’t get here fast enough.

YIKESSSSSSSSSSS!!! That was fun…!!! Thanks. Now I know where the camps are!

Wow, I had forgotten about those 360 pics. They are great!!!

great pics !!!
Im Sad that we had to sit out last year

But Deb and I will be back in FULL FORCE next year !!!
Be Afraid !

ABGAT here we come !

Virgins take note … the above ALWAYS applies to Ron


Brother Hippie
TY !
Be Very Afraid !