Virginia Mountain Cabin

Cool Area…


Nope, neither…Just a cool place to stay in Shenandoah with some bluegrass music playing…

Do you just go around posting this all day?

Hey work4waves, looks like you’re relatively new to this forum, so welcome. :wave

Debbie has been on this forum for years - no joke - and she is merely trying to protect others who use this forum from clicking on the wrong link since spammers have hit this board periodically.

To be frank, you are not generating any type of discussion with this latest post on Virginia Mountain Cabin. If anything, this post should be in the Southeast Regional Board below.

And, the video is nothing but a plug to rent a cabin in Virginia - how this is a General Discussion topic?

I would classify your post as SPAM since you are promoting a commercial interest.

Well Thanks so much for the warm welcome

Hmm, don’t detect a note of sarcasm there whatsoever. On a serious note, do you understand why Debbie and I replied like we did?

Are you not promoting a commercial interest, a rental cabin, and can you see how 99% of the posts on this forum talk about the festival experience, camping, friendship, music, shows, albums, etc, that people do not have a commercial interest in?