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:wave Are VIP tickets still offered for TBF? I had dinner with some folks that swear this is the only way to Festivate. I was offered long ago and wondering do these VIP spots still exist? :flower

I sure hope not. IMO, this only puts pressure on prices of regular tickets and the average festival goer gets squeezed out.

Plus there’s no such VIP offered on the Planets website and I’m hopeful PB will never offer a VIP experience.

:wave Hi Billy. Well I sure don’t want to be a negative nelly but explain how a VIP pass witch is all inclusive and more funds be placing pressure on regular ticket prices? Interesting.

Let us do a small review of the entire situation from my perspective, cowboy… :flower

I need to sit now , I always enjoy up close, and food is well a chore I could do without. I would gladly pay more. Better then not going witch can be a real thing for me soon. I turned 60 but feel 19 HOWEVER, my mind says YESSSSSSSS but my body says NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO :lol

I certainly would feel horrible if I damaged your Fest experience Billy B. Moved hua??? Colorado rocks and you will be back again :flower :cheers

And so how do you spell witch? LOL!

Simple macroeconomics of supply and demand. Since there is a finite amount of space/number of tickets that can be sold, creating a tiered pricing structure is done at the expense of other tickets. This puts increased demand on the lower level options, creating greater opportunities for aftermarket price increases. Now we all know that doesn’t happen on this site, but this is only one very small corner of the market.

Thank you Skubes I knew you were more then just a pretty face!

I would say to follow the mean. If the average age is that of the Vets I know that go, this would be I suppose the vast majority I would want to make sure to enhance and perhaps just to make possible the attendance wouldn’t that be better then losing so many vets because of physical needs? Retention.

I’m sure I’ll get smited by the sanctimonious; but you have to be invited to a VIP pass, they are NOT for sale. P-Hoff asked me the same thing a few years back, as he only got a +2 and wanted to know if he could get some extended family/friends in.

Im sorry you get it each time you respond Mandhoe. OK well I will hold off anymore replies here and wait for a response from the big guys at PBG. I guess nothing is simple or easy, hard to please everyone all the time. I sure can understand that aspect of dealing with mass numbers of folks. :cheers

Mandhoe is correct.

The only “VIP” tickets that are available are basically offered exclusively to artists, their guests, and guests of the Festival.

No VIP ticket packages for sale from Planet Bluegrass.



Thanks !

That is pretty much the standard for gigs? Thanks Dustin

Playing guitar in Sammy’s band might get you one, eh?

Yes, Landshark, it does get a bit more difficult for us older folks, and I do know some folks that physically can’t make the trek anymore. Getting old is never easy. But look at this as an opportunity. Since I know that the chances are usually good that me, or someone in my family will be attending, it’s a damn good excuse for people like me to get off my butt and get to the gym, walk, eat better, etc… so that when I do attend, I’m not gasping for air after walking 2 blocks.
We certainly can’t let all the young folks have all the fun now, can we?

:lol :lol well thanks for the pep talk and yes I can do more then most my age but I am a planner. So thanks for the feedback I certainly appreciate it but maybe next year you could rub my feet after day 3. :flower

If you need it, that can be arranged. The best cure we found for tired feet is to sneak away from the park for a few minutes, stroll over to Telluride Bottle Works, pick out a nice cold beverage, then hit the river trail and soak our feet for a bit in the nice cold stream. Very refreshing! :festival

I just had the best idea. Too late for me but not to late to set a trend :lol

ok, ok, ok think about this, does anyone remember S & H Greenstamps. You get stamps to collect in a book and them cash them in for special things from a catalogue. What if you get points for fests attended and then you can cash them in for a poser pit view. This way all are included and there is reward for repeat and some relief for your feet somewhere down the line :lol :lol :lol. Hua? What do ya say :evil

I love this place and all in it and I will crawl :lol :lol :lol but hey that foot rub

Heck yeah, I remember green stamps. My mother used to collect them from everywhere, the supermarket, department store, gas station, etc… They were part of pop culture in the 60’s, you could redeem them for all sorts of stuff from their catalogue, which you could browse through just like the Sears catalog. What killed them was the recession in the 1970’s. Greenstamps made their money by selling the stamps to merchants, and it helped the merchants to supposedly retain loyal customers. However, during the recession the merchants came up with other, more cost effective programs, or dropped the stamps altogether. So with your idea, which I like, instead of licking stamps into a book, maybe we can collect and paste wristbands? That would be one way to recycle them. :wink:
Greenstamps actually led to a very interesting Supreme Court decision, one that still has an impact today. It is called the “unfairness doctrine”, which allows the federal government to step in and regulate anything that they consider to be an “unfair” business practice, even if it does not violate anti-trust laws or is “deceptive”. It stemmed from the attempt by S&H to prevent users from buying, selling, or trading the stamps. Not that they would ever do it, but imagine if PB could actually sue you if you traded a Saturday pass for a Sunday pass?

My apologies, that’s probably much more than anyone needed to know about Greenstamps and has nothing to do with T-Ride.
Foot rub still on. :peace

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I love that you know that!!! :lol Now how can I confirm that :frowning: :rolleyes

In the immortal words of John Hiatt
Have a little faith…

My strong point. Thank you for that great info. :flower

bumped you into positive territory last evening, only to see you back in the negative this morning … the tuchus liquor must be too strong for someone

I think TBF and RG are some of the very few that don’t offer VIP and I think its great that they stick to it. VIP packages are pretty recent and its not a great development in my opinion.

At least the VIPs should have to wear stars on their bellies!