vintage bluegrass tape collection

excellent vintage bluegrass tape collection
tapes seeded by cheeseincident ~ Sept - Nov, 2013

re: my knee-jerk comments about Tony Rice’s induction into IBMA’s hall of fame

"When Tony Rice, Jerry Douglas, and Ricky Skaggs played together in J.D. Crowe’s band they were all the shit! This would have been in late 1973 or just after that. For sure they played together in Crowe’s band in 1974 and/or 1975. I saw this grouping of J.D. Crowe’s band at many bluegrass festivals. They kicked ass! Seldom Scene band was their only serious competition back then.

Before playing in Crowe’s band, Ricky Skaggs played with the Country Gentlemen band. I saw him play a couple of times with them. I can’t remember about Jerry or Tony in this period, around 1972-ish or early 1973. Before this we have Tony Rice and Sam Bush playing together with the Bluegrass Alliance band."

These tapes that cheeseincident shared recently are what I was talking about…

Bluegrass Alliance show, Sept 1971
Guitar - Tony Rice
Mandolin - Sam Bush
Fiddle - Lonnie Peerce
Banjo - Courtney Johnson
Bass - Ebo Walker

Seldom Scene show, June 1972

Newgrass Revival show, Jan 1973
Sam Bush - Mandolin, Fiddle, Vocals
Curtis Burch - Guitar, Dobro, Vocals
Courtney Johnson - Banjo, Vocals
Ebo Walker - Bass, Vocals

J.D. Crowe band show, Jan 1975
J.D. Crowe - Banjo
Tony Rice - Guitar
Ricky Skaggs - Mandolin, Fiddle
Jerry Douglas - Dobro
Bobby Slone - Bass

There was a new torrent on etree about a week ago (maybe longer) that has since been deleted by its seeder. According to a comment posted in that thread (now deleted), he (cheeseincident) mentioned the tapes he was seeding were from his dad’s music collection. Thank you! The tapes tell the story.

I know nothing!

For the record… I converted to Cowboy in 1973.

I’m a GD-Cowboy-Hippie-Freak, and a retired taper. Old tapers never die, they just slowly “not fade away.”

Dick Latvala shows off Europe '72 master reels taped by Alembic and stored in GD’s vault
[check out the priceless label artwork on these reels showing SYF and Alembic logos!]

“I know nothing!”
Not true…

I’ve mentioned before about Tapes seeded by cheeseincident.
Now I have info tidbits that were sprinkled in a few of his torrents.

The Festivarian should have this info from cheeseincident:
• “These recordings come from my father’s collection who passed in 2008”
• “his name was Larry Mankin”

People who are taping, collecting tapes, using iPhones, watching TV, or listening to the radio - they ought to know why, how, when, where, and who is behind it all. I’ve just updated and refreshed my electronics story about this, an academic hippie-essay. After all, I was there, in the middle of it! Too bad all this info has been deleted from history, until now… peace, out.

Damn that is an awesome and very extensive collection! Hardly anything from the 21st century! :lol But that’s a good thing, I love people that tape, I have never done it myself, but definetly respect those people and would love to try it out. Thanks for spreading on the love and tapes!