Village Market / groceries?

Maybe I missed this, and somehow I can’t find the other thread: is there any update on the grocery situation in town?

I’ll bump the thread in a couple. Looks like Clarks will be the only game in town this year…


The exterior doors are sheeted over with plywood @ the Village Market, but peaked through a portion & got a tiny glimpse today … there’s framing up, but not sure how far along they are. Guess it’s possible they’ll finish before bluegrass if they throw enough people at it, but not really sure either way.

Clarks, on the other hand, has been making visible progress with their expansion & last I checked they’re scheduled to open the whole place in about a week from now. Hope they do.

Thanks all. Helps to know there will likely be one of the stores open, even though our condo is right around the corner from VM. May still stock up in advance just in case if I don’t hear/see more concrete confirmation on here tho.