verizon service at Mary E?

does anyone know if my verizon phone service or verizon internet card will get reception around the Mary E area? I may have to check in with work while there, ugh! thanks for any info on this:-)

verizon works well Intown …not sure about Mary E…

I’m not sure either, but if I was a gamblin’ man I’d say no.

I’m sure someone who has camped at Illium in the past can fill you in.

Regardless, you can grab the shuttle into town and check in. :flower

My friends who stayed there last year said it was hit and miss, pretty much a pain in the ass. But they have T Mobile so that could make a difference since Verizon always works better in the mountains.
Oh and many of us have decided there is no work allowed in Mary E so goin into town is probably a better bet!!! :lol Sucks you have to check in, I also have too… Wish I could escape for a true vacation. Someday!!
Only 10 more days!!!

@ Sorenson,
Yes, me too sooooooo excited to depart hot hot hot Austin and get to the mountains!!! I can’t even stand it and want to climb the walls of my office.
I think the no working at Mary E is a good policy, maybe I’ll hide and do it… Or maybe put everything on out of office some how. Buit if I can get a verison connection at Mary E, at least it makes it less of an ordeal to do work there and not have to go in to town. It never fails that work gets busy before I leave for a festival where all I want to do is play my fiddle and drink whiskey:-)

no service for Verizon, unless you hike the 50 or so yards up one of those hills by the creek. Then you have some bars. But it’s sketchy…

you could just turn the phone off and tell them when you get back that there was just no service to be had. Only bars in Tride are the local waterin’ holes. :wink: :cheers

I have family in Austin, great city!!! Look forward to “not” working with you, your fiddle, and whiskey!!! Come find us, we are also in Mary E and I believe will have a banjo and mandolin in our circle!

Have a safe journey to T-ride!