Vehicle Pass/Camping Question

Hi all!
I am so excited I can barely focus on work. So I am first timer at RG. I have a vehcile pass for the onsite camping. From what I see there is separate entrance on the south side? Is there only one entrance/line? I just want to make sure I dont get in the wrong line.
Also with the vehicle pass - we camp right near the car right? Sounds like a stupid question but I just dont know what to expect and what not.
Thanks and see you all there :cheers

For on-site camping, line up your vehicle at Bohn park. At 6:00pm (be with your vehicle earlier than that) the whole line moves over to Planet Bluegrass. If you haven’t read the vehicle line policy, go to PB site, Rocky Grass, Info, Guidelines.

When you enter the PB driveway, there will be people to direct you.
There are two on-site camping areas.

If you turn left after entering the driveway, you will go down an access road to the TENTS ONLY campground. (DON’T turn left if you have a vehicle pass.) It is a nice little campground near the river with lots of trees. It’s kind of behind the stage and you can hear the music at your camp. The downside is that you have to wait in line quite a while because there are only so many parking spots at the end of the road.

If you have a vehicle pass go straight after entering the PB driveway and you will go to the main on-site campground. It is for tents and/or vehicles. It is larger and yes you can park right at your chosen spot. Don’t expect a large camping area with lots of personal space. You’ll be camping right next to your neighbors. Chose your spot quickly, it’s kind of a mad rush.