Matt and I are planning to tie the knot this spring in Vegas, baby. Does anyone know if anything else is going on the weekend of March 15?

We want to actually have a benefit concert - ask for no gifts, but charge a $5-10 cover, and have lots of live music and BYOEverything. Small wedding/Huge reception. We will donate the money to Susan G. Komen or another BC organization (need to do a bit more research).

Any ideas on bands who would donate their time/talent, who wants to bring the homebrew, how to organize, etc. etc. etc. would be fantastic! I am a HUGE fan of networking and community!!!

Thanks :slight_smile:


Sorry - I guess I was a little cryptic :wink:

We are thinking about having our wedding on either the 8th or the 15th of March, but don’t want it to conflict w/ anything major…

EVERYONE is invited (the more the merrier, w/ the concert, byob, and all…)

Have a great time on the lake! It should be beautiful!!

Hey you guys! That’s great news! Count me in. How much hooch should I bring?

Actually I’m in Vegas this weekend/beginning of next week for a trade show. How about pushing the wedding to this Monday to make it convenient for me?

Hooch, why the hell do you look so serious in your picture? Is that your poker face? :cheers

It’s my sly face. Like I’m saying to you, “Billy, you have no idea how much Hooch and Crunchy Frog I have on tap for this festival and if you know then your liver would probably turn itself inside out in panic.”

Woo-hoo! True March Madness!!! :thumbsup :evil :cheers :cheers :lol

Pick the date so the plane ticket purchase and planning can begin. Or Hooch, we could rent a cadillac convertible and do a Hunter S. Thompson hooch inspired road trip

You don’t need a band, I’ll play Led Zeppelin on the spoons.

Hopefully, I’ll see you guys soon since we live about 30 minutes from each other.

Happy Pre-Nuptials!

As of today there are only 250 days left until FESTIVAL!! :hop :clap :hop :clap :hop

Auntie Hope :pickin

How many days until WEDDDDDDDDDDING???

Spoons sounds RAD!

Also, we don’t live in CR yet, we were just up there for the week…

To everyone else, thanks for the enthusiasm - Back to the original post… if you know people who know people for flowers, balloons, bands, etc, PLEASE let me know!!! We are trying to make it open to everyone, as the more people = more money for the benefit :flower


You could go to Jambase or another website like that and see who will be in the area around that time, someone you like of course, then give them a try.

If I can get there, I’ll be there. A few details to work out before I can commit. I would love to be there so I will try.

I just decided Saturday night to have a birthday party this year, it will be my 12th birthday and you are all invited. But, that will have to be another thread. Just the idea of March made me think of it.