VAX mandates

Any word on whether or not they are going to require everyone to get Jabbed? things seem to be loosening up a quite a bit(it’s about time) and I’m hoping for a “normal” festival experience

There has been no public discussion of this to my knowledge.

As of now, nothing in place. From the ticketing site: Please be informed that preventative health measures (e.g. full COVID-19 vaccination, masks) may be required for this show. These decisions will be made at an appropriate time closer to the event and will be communicated via email, social media, and our website.

The fact that they are holding off so long makes me hopeful…

Thank you :grinning::+1:

I wonder how many different ways there will be to prove your vax records? I have absolutely no problem showing any of my vax records, or booster shots. Quite frankly I would almost think the majority of us festivarians are vaccinated. Or hope so anyway. Anyway, just my humble opinion.

Last year most folks had a photo of their vax card on their phone and showed a photo ID with it.

For us folks in Colorado they have an app that will hold a digital copy of your drivers license and vaccine record.
MyColorado app.