Various questions...first timers at Town Park

Thank you for all the great responses in regards to the showers/bathrooms - very helpful information.

We have a couple more questions as first timers camping at Town Park…

  1. Is it easy to buy/find ice for coolers? We are flying to Colorado and so will have to buy a cooler, and we are just wandering how easy it will be to get ice? Do you walk into town for ice? Is it really expensive?

  2. How is cell service (Verizon) in Town Park/Telluride?

  3. We are flying into Durango and renting a car. Can we park the car in Town Park campground? Or do we have to park it somewhere else? We will be getting to Town Park on Saturday (6/14).

Thanks again for all of your help!


Hi there and Welcome!!!

  1. Ice is easy. They sell it right in Town Park and there are even kids who will fetch it for you for a little added $$ to the usual price. It’s usual ice pricing.

  2. Verizon should work just fine.

  3. You’ll park somewhere else but they will let you in to unload. You are arriving early enough that you’ll be able to park in town (as opposed to remote parking) so will be about a 10 minute walk from Town Park. By the way, take the drive from Durango to Silverton to Ouray to Ridgeway to Telluride. The scenery will knock your socks off. Just beware of a few delays due to re-paving roads.

Prepare yourself for a great time!!!


Hooch almost got it right…

Prepare yourself for a life changing experience :sunshine

It’s probably best to get an ice chest in Durango or Cortez, there are a couple of big box stores along the way.

Watch out for crunchy frogs and elk, they are equally harmful if you hit them too hard.

Can I go YET :hop

the drive that Hooch sugestted is great
but longer since its Mtn driving
head west out of Durango to Mancos
head North over Lizard Head pass drops you
right into Telluride in less than 2 Hrs
Safe Travels

Remember to buy a cooler that can be adopted by someone else or recycled!


I just back from the Pagosa Springs Bluegrass Fest and so now I have to unpack, clean, re-pack, and add to the existing pile!!! A 3-day turnover from one fest to Telluride is crazy!!! My life is so hard!!!

Hey yall

I just got back from P. Springs festival (was that a festival or our own little backyard private party?) w/Hooch and CSI Mike, Courtney and Jen, Cindy Lou and two nights of work separate me from Tride. Cannot friggin wait.