Vaccine Requirement? Covid stuff still or are we in the clear?

Anyone heard an update on if proof of vaccine is required for entry?
I’m guessing it’s a nah since it’s been radio silent on the issue…

Also any locals know if a mask requirement is in place in the stores/restaurants downtown?
Seems like things have loosened up everywhere but I want to be respectful of the locals and be prepared if I need a mask.

We travel with masks everywhere in case it’s needed. And, keep proof of vax on phone. I’d suggest having a mask with you when traveling just in case!

I do keep one with me but was wondering if anyone in the area can give more insight as to requirements.

no requirements in town except: Shelters for people experiencing homelessness; Prisons; Jails; Community corrections programs and facilities; Emergency medical and other healthcare settings (including hospitals, ambulatory surgical centers, urgent care centers, clinics, doctors’ offices, and non-urgent care medical structures); and Public transit services (Galloping Goose Public Transit & the Mountain Village Gondola System).

Would expect the public transit services to drop relatively soon now that the federal mandate has been thrown out.

Awesome, thank you. This is great info and I appreciate you sharing it! I’m guessing no vaccine requirement either. So, unless I get thrown in jail or end up in the hospital, I really only need a mask for the gondola… Unless that changes too. I get pretty severe claustrophobia wearing a mask for long periods so wanted to have a game plan in case it was required in more places (like bringing more groceries to make at my campsite instead of eating out, etc). Thank you so much!