Updated 2013 Mapped Schedule


Thanks to clutchbeyers for doing this last year. If I missed anything or you have suggestions, let me know! XLS attached.

edit: I missed a workshop, so the image above is now accurate. The second spreadsheet attached is the correct one.

edit #2: Okay, I messed up a couple other things, but they are now corrected in the above image and the below XLS

This is great! Thanks for putting this together & sharing - strategy sessions may now begin …

Very nice to have this handy schedule around camp. Thanks!

:wave Thanks for the updated version, GP, Clutch will be happy to hear someone used it again. :thumbsup He and T aren’t gonna be with us in TP this year. :sorry

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One bust, the schedule shows Della Mae in Elks Park at 1:00 on Saturday. I think this is from 2012, the current website shows this as Telluride Troubadours in the Round.

Thanks for your work on this!

an you eliminate the one that’s wrong cuz I can’t tell which one that is!

First off, thanks for doing this. Another correction - the times for the O’Brien/Jaroz and Roscoe Bandana on Saturday are wrong.

Not to continue poking holes in this, but the accountant in me decided to audit the whole thing, figured a second set of eyes can never hurt. One more change, and I think this is the last one. The times for Sam Bush and Leftover Salmon need to be shifted up by 15 min.

Sorry for all the changes, but hate for someone to rely on this and miss (or be late) to something they wanted to see.

Thank you! I love this, last year I saved it on my iPhone. Just frees the mind for more appropriate endeavors!!! :medal

Please tell me how you saved a .XLS file on your iPhone for viewing. Export to PDF? DropBox? Screen shot? What’s the best way to do that?

Okay all, that’s what I get for rushing this on the train this morning! Anyways, all the errors pointed out in this thread are rectified in the original post, and the XLS is updated as well. See y’all in a couple days!

Awesome, thanks for putting this together!

Thanks for updating. :thumbsup

Yes, I saved it to a PDF an can open it with an Adobe App.

Was Lake Street Drive a late addition? Haven’t heard them. :lol

Here is the spreadsheet as a PDF formatted to print on one piece of paper.

Thanks for this, it’s very much appreciated! Also thanks to the editors as well :thumbsup

Great post. Thanks for taking the time to do this. Cheers! :cheers

Giddy’up. :dance