Unofficial rules Tarp Line at Town Park

Have not been to the festival for a couple of years but always get a little pissed about people not staying with their chairs in the tarp line, which if I am correct, is the official rule. Vacant chairs lined up along the fence and around the volleyball court. So tell me, what is the unofficial rule, cause the official rule would be that a vacant chair does not count. So, fill me in.

I’ll weigh in on this one, because I can handle the inevitable ridicule the “TARP LINE”, and tarpology topics in general, seem to induce. :flower :cheers

The two guidelines, or “rules” as you call them, listed under the line policy that seem to butt heads each year are… no empty chairs vs. no sleeping in line. What’s wrong with bending the expectations of some to allow others to rest? Some of us come and go for our “reasonable bathroom and coffee breaks” more frequently than others, while many are sound asleep, in bags, on cots. Some of us are playing tunes a little farther away from the line to be respectful to those that are “just relaxing”. Who’s going to police that kind of activity. Most of us help each other out in the tarp line and things have been pretty cool, IMHO. This kind of festivarian camaraderie seems to make most happy? If you’re not in your chair, or if you’re asleep when the numbers get handed out, you miss out. Simple as that. I like it. Now let’s talk about the 20x30s that are quite empty much of the day…I’ll sit anywhere @ festivaaal!, just ask ne1 that knows me. :eek
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Ultimately, the fact that I know I can plunk myself on any empty tarp on arrival, and that more often than not will be invited to stay once the original settlers arrive, eases any concern I have over the permanent tarp line. Clearly, there are empty chairs that appear as soon as the morning line has entered the grounds. As far I can usually sense, they remain empty most of the day. What it means to me is that we no longer even do the tarp run. We used to arrive 4 am ish, and it was a good time, and we got reasonable and satisfactory tarp space. But we can’t compete with those whose chairs are there for 20 plus hours. So we avoid the whole thing, which is a loss. We enjoyed the comraderie and in fact have met some folks who have remained good friends lo this past fifteen years.
But we are okay with showing up and sharing tarp space. So, it’s been a change in Telluride culture for us, but we have adapted. Still the most fun week of our year.

I’m not worried about not being in chairs when the numbers are passed out, I’m more concerned about the chairs that are empty all day and don’t get used until the nights show is over. The Rule is, no empty chairs, not a guideline as far as I can tell.

:wave In general this community has beaten the tarp line thread to death. Let’s all let it die gracefully.

It really ain’t broke, let’s not try to fix it again.


Hippie, when did you fix it? Give me the guidelines to go by?

We did the tarp line last year and lost allot of sleep and awake time at the festival.
IF there is a larger amount of you, who will utilize the tarp…then take turns and rotate
Shifts. Be kind, this is all its about…being kind and not getting ugly…