Uncommon Ritual - 25 years

Edgar’s chamber-grass masterpiece was released in '97, and the trio is finally doing some dates again. A little more raucous than Apallachia Waltz, due to Mr. Fleck’s additions, it none the less pushed out the boundaries of acoustic music. The standout track “Sliding down” features about 8 different instruments.

This live version from Alice Tully Hall in October of "97 may have shaved off a few instruments but its faster tempo and the big live sound of the room make it essential listening for the string fan:

“Sliding Down”

You can hear the footsteps as Edgar walks between the piano and bass.

The show in Aspen was really great. All killer no filler. Bela played a piece from “my Bluegrass Heart” and Mike did “Gator Strut” but other than that, it was all Uncommon Ritual in full effect. It was as close to flawless as my poor ears could tell.

Massive hailstorm during the afternoon, but I guess thats par for the course. Aspen just as you would expect. Hunter would be spinning in his grave.

Up towards the pass, the mushrooms were popping big time and I scored my first Rocky Mtn porcini. Beautiful meadows of wildflowers of all shapes and sizes.

Remember, when you listen to Edgar, not only are you hearing the greatest Bass player alive, you are hearing probably the greatest bass player that has ever lived.

How was the RG set?