Umbrellas at Fest

I just saw a pic of some folks on their tarp with a table umbrella… That is so rude and self absorbed it is unreal. :burn

What are you thinking, really? How would you feel if I set my patio set in your line of vision next year? Attention seeking and just rude…

Umbrellas at Fest just suck. :burn They should be banned. :medal If you can’t take the heat. get out of the kitchen. :medal

A great soloution would be shade stations. A huge Art installation of 5 or so community shade stations that look like huge kites. LOL! cemented into place instead of all those shade tarps.

Can I make em!!! :lol

That makes me so mad, who would be so self ansorbed and so inconsiderate?

I like the kite idea but I also kind of like the sweet little shade tarp community down the back. They always seem to have babies and little kids playing and hanging out…it’s nice…

All together now in the sun or shade. The shade stations would just be tarps like the sun folks and still play and relax but co mingle.Sure would eliminate a ton of strange to maneuver space. And most but not all take dbl space. One tarp in the sun and a shade tent.

Blues and Brews sets up about a half a dozen large white tents near the back. I believe this is primarily for the grand tasting (not sure, have never woken up to drink during the day), but you can catch some shade there too in a communal way … which might be a better solution vs. having to now manage “tent cities” that may often be “double dips” by those who also have tarps up front. I’m sure many who double dip are careful not to take more space than there are people in their group, but I suspect there are also others who might not be as conscious & ultimately puts the crunch on everyone when you add it up. And no, I don’t believe people ought to be able to put a tarp down underneath a large communal tent.

Umbrellas… A big fat juicy communal shade umbrella that can not be planted in my face is a plus. Always me :lol
Why not throw a tarp in one shade area? It would be more communal.

It feels like your invading private space at fest if you cut through or take a seat in the shade tents.
No one owns anything, space is shared amongst all. The Festi cry :flower so an empty shade tarp would be free to share just like any other tarp at fest. Sure would help a lot of sun drenched folks out.

LS: If shade is a limited commodity that is in high demand, I just think it’d be more egalitarian to leave said proposed space to be as “purely GA” as possible or even place a time limit on how long you can setup shop. Guess I just fall on the side of believing that competitiveness / territorial issues ought to be diffused whenever possible. Maybe it might work to use the same “rule” for empty tarps under large communal tents, but I think it’d be important to put signage up under said tents to state in no uncertain terms that people are welcome to hang out on empty tarps.

Speaking of lack of shade, the crunch was even worse this year due to the lower SBD tower … I’m guessing there was a good couple of lost hours of shade per day for those who liked to hang out in the shadow just to the east of it.

Face! That goes against everything we strive for. Unity in a crowd of 10,000 is key and why TBF is special. We give, we share, almost everything, even space. Not sure I agree with you. And when I think of shade and an Art Installation I am thinking on a much grander scale so there would be an ebb and flow enough for all but not at once. A kite that looks like a dragon from above that creates shade, communal shade. Come 1 come all, stay for 5 or the entire day. :cheers

I like your perspective Landshark and agree it’s something to strive for, but not sure how it’d actually “play out” in reality. Perhaps I’ve become a bit jaded, but I just don’t see everyone being on the same page re: communal relations. Luckily, a large portion do, but I think a good percentage simply tolerates one another to an extent a lot of time … and it wouldn’t take all that much to throw the “seating equilibrium” off kilter if enough of people drifted from the community ethos.

Perhaps there could be an assortment of different sections within the dragon’s body parts? … ranging from a seated family section to the other extreme where people could grab a beer and mill about / dance.

If this arrangement is good enough for the folks in the sun it should be good enough for the folks in the shade. Work off the premise of inclusion. Always good to throw around some festinomics with a seasoned festi man.

:flower The term inclusion captures, in one word, an all-embracing societal ideology :flower

My family actually left wondering if bringing an umbrella in the future was a good idea that we hadn’t had yet. From where we sit, pretty near the back, the umbrellas we saw were not very disruptive, especially the ones that were connected to folding chairs. From that far back, seeing the stage isn’t much of a priority anyway … is it possible that including umbrellas in the high backed chair policy (having them only behind a certain line) would solve this problem, allowing some people to have them in spaces where line of sight isn’t as important?

So maybe continuity. Umbrella hats for everyone and tarps…

I just think to absolutely ignore the folks behind you so you can have shade is rude… so move to the rear. I am shy but not too shy to complain directly when that happens to me. It has happened way to many times. I would never even consider blocking out someone’s view.

We all work hard for our tarp position.

umbrellas behind the tent line are ok. If they are behind the high back chair line, they are way beyond the limit.
There are enough shade devices with empty spaces up behind the signs to accommodate. Come on make a friend, buy a hat, or put some SPF 100 on!