Tyler Childers

I’ve never seen him before, but really dug this bit from last night


I wish Bobby would pick up the tempo a hair. I saw them in New Orleans a few years ago and the whole show was a half step slow to me.

I hear you, but I kind of just roll with it and appreciate it for what it is … especially when the moments do come together like no other. I think Bobby has had to nurture how his gift can manifest as he’s aged … this includes the reduction of tempo when necessary. I’ve always believed he’s been a big “six degrees of separation” force of the GD sound in so far as his instrumental role being most closely related to all others; combined with the ability to orchestrate such a position dynamically while all the wheels are turning. Everyone on GD stage is versed in this, but I think he’s always been the ringleader - even while Jerry was alive. I suspect this gift is kind of a positive flipside to dyslexia or something related. I suspect it’s more difficult to have it manifest at quicker tempos at this stage of game. This is my take anyhow.

Here’s another clip with TC: