Just wondering – does anyone tape the Tweener sets?

I know that you need breaks between sets, for various reasons, but I’ve often thought about how it’d be cool to have a disc or torrent of just Tweener sets – sometimes they’re among the most interesting pieces of the fest!

GREAT pulls so far, by the way – not to sound like I’m backpedaling!


I generally just let my recorder run from before the music starts until after it’s over. So, I record everything. The problem with the recordings of the Tweener sets is that generally the SPLs (volume) are low and I don’t bother to crank up the levels on my recorder for them. Also, there is usually a lot of chatter during the Tweeners. So, audience recordings of the Tweener sets don’t sound as good as the recordings of the big acts.

If there are specific Tweeners you’re interested in I can try to find them and post them. I’ll need you to tell me when they occurred too (which sets they were between).

Thanks for that incredible generosity – I appreciate that offer.

In fact, I was just thinking about this as I saw pictures of something I missed (which involved Drew Emmitt, Michael Daves, and a handful of other people I couldn’t identify), though I have no idea when it happened, what they played, etc., unfortunately.

I hear you about the chitchat being a lot more prevalent during the set breaks, though!

That tweener was around 4pm on Friday afternoon: Tony Trischka, Michael Daves, Drew Emmitt, Brittany Haas and Travis Book

Since we’re all making requests (no rush, of course)…
Punch Brothers (nightgrass too if you have it ;))
Yonder saturday/wednesday
Mumford and Sons nightgrass
Trampled by Turtles

Thanks for the hard work… It’s much appreciated. :slight_smile:

Versions of Yonder Saturday and Punch Bros are up on COTapers; I think they’re both from the KOTO broadcast, though. Check these!

I really didn’t intend for this to turn into a demanding block, as I know how hard tapers work to get things recorded and posted with a lot more request than thanks; I was just wondering if people taped the 'tweeners.

I checked out the OCMS KOTO stream that was posted on COTapers… Honestly, I didn’t care for the sound of it; much preferred rdfager’s audience recordings.

That’s nice to know. I’m working on getting all of my recordings posted. It’ll take some time to get all this music mixed, processed, tracked, set lists figured out, etc. It’s a lot of music!

Hey, no rush. Better to make sure it’s done well than fast. Plus, it gives us time to enjoy each show. :wink:

Really appreciate what you’re doing here.