I just love the tweeners! Who was that fun fabulous Ukulele player a few years back… He was great.
Chris Thile did a tweener that was so strong , even in such a big big space. Complex and beautiful…
So many really great moments in the tweeners. I bet I blink less while at TBF so I can catch everything…

The Uke player was probably Jake Shamburiko. If I recall correctly, he came with Bela one year.

Jake Shimabukuro is his name and he is fantastic! I’d love to have him as a tweener.

Tony Furtado is also someone worthy of his own set, but a tweener would be nice. Such a great singer/songwriter!

Scott Law is a tremendouly talented singer/songwriter/guitarist/mando picker from Portland that I would love to see there so people can see his talent.

I’d love to see more of the giants(Bela, Sam, etc) do some crazy solo piece of music like Mike Marshall did last year.

Maybe do a random pick from the Town Park festivarians get a little “crowd involvement” thing.

Yes, it was Jake Shimabukuro, the year was 2004 and Jake had a BLAST! I’m sure he’s love to do it again, so just ask!

Auntie Hope :pickin :green

Jake Shimabakuro is a master
I’d love to hear him play a whole set at the fest.
His version of “while my guitar gently weeps” is great
I saw him on Jay Leno w/band and that was also great
and he could also do tweeners if he wished

Tony Furtado is absolutely worthy of his own set. I would honestly be a little upset if he was only a tweener because he is absolutely bad ass. One of the only men who can come even remotely close to Bele when it comes to banjo amazingness. GIVE TONY HIS SET!!!

Another Sarah Jarosz and Dominic leslie set please… Awesome.