Trying to give away a free ticket to OHellos in DC on 21 Feb

Hi everyone,

Hope this is within the rules

I really loved seeing the Oh Hellos at Telluride and I was very excited when I realised they were playing at the 9.30 Club in DC on 21 Feb. I was scheduled to land there for a meeting. Hurray, doesn’t happen very often.

Anyway, the meeting date has been changed and I’m not there until the 26th now

So - one free ticket available to anyone in DC. PM me and I will email you the PDF

They are great! So sorry I am going to miss them…

Oh and I want nothing in exchange ( except I will pretty much be begging everyone for a Greensky Nightgrass ticket if I miss out on the lottery but that’s another story …)

Never been to DC but I’ve always heard and seen the list of bands, that the 9:30 Club is a super cool venue. My friends in touring bands love that place.

So I have to ask, what brings you to DC? Hopefully its a super secret spy mission to right all the wrongs happening there!!

Nothing so glam. It is a meeting about online security

I just sent you a PM – or tried to.
I am interested. I live right near the 9:30 Club!

Hurrah, glad it has gone to a good home