Trying to explain why I am getting up at 3.45am tomorrow to people in a bar who’ve never been to Telluride

So, like pretty much everyone, I’m hyped up and ready to go. Though I’m hoping I have better luck in the “random entry generator” lottery to buy tix than I ever had lining up in my PJs in town park for tickets in the tarp run though ( hello, tickets 333-twice).

Good luck to all the other Town Parkers, esp my camp, cannot wait to be back. Was telling friends here in Australia last night how I’m getting up at 3.45am to try to score tickets then flying to US to get there via a complicated variety of flights and rides. It’s fair to say they were, um, intrigued as to why anyone would go through it all.

“Wow” they said, “what’s the line up, must be amazing if you’re willing to do that”.

“Um, that’s the thing, you buy your tickets before you know the line up……” I tried to explain.

Stunned faces.

Friend on third drink “ then you line up EVERY DAY at 9am for a ticket that decides when you get to run through a field to put down a tarp……ARE YOU MAD?”

Next drink. “ Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump, terrible coffee in US “ ( ok, I agree with that).

Next drink. “Our $$ is so low compared to US, it will cost you a fortune, don’t go, come to Bali with us instead, massages every day”……

Nah, it’s clear they don’t get it, I’m not listening to any more of this, I’m getting up at 3.45am and I’m getting my hands on some TP tickets and dreaming of being back at Telluride.

Seriously, how do you explain to “normal” people why nothing tops this festival no matter how hard it is to get there and why you are so desperate to go?

Time to go home.

Good luck everyone :blue_heart::green_heart::blue_heart::green_heart:


Hard enough to get there from 18 hours away! Can’t imagine the hoops you jump through to get to the best mountain town in the world! I stopped trying to convince normals about music a bit ago. But, I usually tell the norms that Telluride itself is an amazing place, pack it full of awesome people from across the globe, and add the best acoustic music from across the planet, with a few wild cards thrown in to raise the bar, and you have the perfect scenario for fun.

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